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Team Queso presents its new League of Legends project

POSTED BY TeamQueso 16/10/2019

A complete makeover of Team Queso’s League of Legends division, which will strive to reach the top.

Last month, Team Queso announced that Samcro would be joining the League of Legends division as part of the technical staff. Together with Gofio, they will be Head Coach and Strategic Coach respectively and will lead this new project aiming to become the very best.

Having enough time and therefore the appropriate resources to carry out their activity, Samcro and Gofio have spent several weeks seeking and choosing the right players for the project. Team Queso’s roster is now ready to compete, you can find below the players that will be part of the team:


Top Lane: Milosz Domagalski “Raven” 

Jungle: George Daniel Savi “SpeeDy

Mid lane: Artur Szymon “Zwyroo

ADC: Michael Curtet “Rayito

Support: Angel Fernández “DuaLL

SpeeDy, the only member from last season’s squad who remains in Team Queso, and the other four have been chosen with care and taking into account their personalities so they can work properly as a team. They have been training together for a few weeks now and things are looking really promising. They are living in the Quesocasa together with the Fortnite team.

Team Queso’s League of Legends project is taking shape and has been designed to work both mid-term and long-term, with the aim of becoming a team that can fight and compete to win everything. “We are ready to do things the right way, little by little and with a well-thought-out plan. I’m very happy with the group and how it’s working, we’ll give our all and anyone who wants to beat us will have a really hard time” said Samcro. 

The first event in which Raven, Speedy, Zwyroo, Rayito and DuaLL will compete is the Iberian Cup, which starts on the 29th/30th of October, so we will have the chance to see the new League of Legends team in action for the first time. Gofio shares Samcro’s opinion: “We are ready to fight and give our all”.

This Friday, the 18th of October, the draw that will determine the groups in the Iberian Cup will take place and we will know who the opponents of Team Queso are. Pay close attention to the team’s social media for more information. See you in the Summoner’s Rift!