This weekend marks a month since the launch of Team Queso’s competitive team, thus, I considered this to be an excellent opportunity to make a recap of everything we have achieved during this time.

I remember that, when the project was announced, a significant part of our staff was in Paris during the ESWC Winter. Everything went smoothly during the day of the announcement, although behind the scenes some mistakes, which you were unaware of, happened and delayed said announcement for an entire day. For instance, the on-line store was not ready the day we were supposed to announce it, so we had to create and design our own on-line store from scratch in a mere night.

Still, as I said, the announcement was received with a great deal of enthusiasm by both community and specialised press, we were pleasantly surprised about that. Because we, after all, not only are newcomers in the eSports scene, but also lacked any knowledge about the best course of action to be taken in this new environment. At the end of the day, we, the staff, are all professionals in our respective fields. Ultimately, we do share one thing in common, no matter whether it is Clash Royale or Vainglory, gaming is our passion.

Going back to Paris, we had just published the announcement video in our YouTube channel, thus awakening the interest in our project of none other than Surgical Goblin, crowned champion of the ESWC Winter. At the same time, a few days later, we held talks with Marcel_P, who also showed an interest in our plan. All of a sudden, we found ourselves with the opportunity to recruit two of the best Clash Royale players into our roster. We, who rose from the ranks with home-grown players, had the chance of stepping up the game in our efforts to pursue our international vocation. In spite of us still being newcomers in this world and the risks associated with it, we pursued this path to be at the forefront of the competitive scene.

While this was happening with Clash Royale, we also had some major headaches with Vainglory. Our Vainglory players were still organising their training schedule, since Vainglory is a 3vs3 game, coming up with a suitable training schedule proved to be a challenging task. Both G2G pre-season tournament in Spain and VGL Challenger Series were just around the corner. However, our players needed more time to train and practice together. Not only that, but we also had many technical issues. Vainglory is a very demanding game, both device and wireless connection wise. Becoming a professional Vainglory player means that the slightest lag or ping is simply not acceptable.

Days flew by and we found ourselves in Barcelona, where Soking won the Clash Royale Mobile Challenge organised by the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (Professional Videogames League). Ever since then, many have joined our ranks in our clan, Team Queso, but we have also suffered the loss of great players in our clans associated with RoyaleConQueso. The explanation is very simple; poor communication, both external and internal. As I mentioned before, the incorporation of both Surgical and Marcel into our roster allowed us to progress at a fast pace and lay the foundations of a proper Clash Royale training clan, akin to the ones that Reddit Alpha or Muklash had at that time. However, catching up with something that took others months to build in a few weeks is no small task. The result has been a great deal of confusion both inside and outside RoyaleConQueso. One has to keep in mind that although in Team Queso we have a very clear goal, that is, being the best in the world in the Clash Royale competitive scene, we will still need your support during this journey. Our priority right now is to ensure a proper communication between Team Queso and RoyaleConQueso, I will further discuss this topic later on. Let us go back to Vainglory.

When the time came to take part in the Pre-season Vainglory Tournament, and even though our players had already participated in a Blitz tournament, it was the first time we had the chance of seeing them competing together. We were defeated in the finals by H3LL, but that did not discourage us. We had high expectations for the VGL Challenger series since we knew that we had a lot of potential for improvement, we just needed more training. We saw that during the Challenger series, where we performed significantly better. Alas, we were defeated on the verge of the play-offs to access the Battles to join the Vainglory 8. On another occasion, we will explain properly how this competition works so everyone can understand it, for the time being you just need to know that we played one-on-one matches against some teams aspiring to be Europe’s best. There is a lack of training and synergy among our players, the good news is that practice can fix that. Besides, we have done everything in our power to facilitate the work of Raúl as a coach. We are very optimistic about the future.

Regarding the Queso Cup invitation tournament, it was organised to commemorate the birth of our team. It would appear that this sparked unrest among some clans of the national competitive scene. However, our intention was to put a good show for the audience, and I am truly convinced that we managed to achieve that. I would simply like to point out that there was no ill intent behind the exclusion of some teams and players. As it was explained in the website, we would be inviting 12 players from Team Queso or RoyaleConQueso, 8 winners of diverse tournaments or events, and 12 internationally renowned players. We would have liked to invite more players, but the tournament was designed around 32 people. The inclusion of one more round with 64 participants would have resulted in an excessively long tournament.

At the end of this month I am very satisfied with all the work that has been done, knowing that we keep progressing day after day and having a clear view of things to be improved. To summarise, there is a great deal of things that we have to apologise for, such as the poor image given when we refused to rematch Spanish Takers. Fortunately, we also have many reasons to be proud of everything we have built together. I would like to give you a glimpse of the upcoming content we are working on.

  • The entry system into the internal competitive scene of RoyaleConQueso, its associated clans and Team Queso will be simplified. Clearer rules and scores that will serve to adequately reflect the skills of a player.
  • Team Queso’s Clash Royale competitive team is weighing the possibility of allowing the entrance of more members into our official roster. Inasmuch as people rise to the challenge and perform accordingly, we will do the same.
  • New shared organised internal tools between Team Queso and RoyaleConQueso are being created. We hope that they will help to guarantee a fluent communication between both organisations.
  • Those players belonging to any clan associated with RoyaleConQueso will have the chance to hone their skills with players of TeamQueso through internal tournaments of 1,000 participants, which will be held on a weekly basis.
  • Taking advantage of the halt in Vainglory competitions, we strive to facilitate the face-to-face training of our players. It is the germ of a gaming house.
  • Team Queso’s Youtube channel will offer you some quality content very soon.
  • And many more surprises that we have prepared.

To sum up, on behalf of Team Queso I would like to thank everyone involved in our project for their collaboration and hard efforts. We have come a long way and look to the future with optimism, but nonetheless we are fully aware of the fact that there is room for improvement in our communication with the community, the content creators and the members of our clans. Our lack of experience in this field and an excessive workload took their toll. The good news is that the lack of experience can be amended with hard work and enthusiasm. We keep moving forward.

See you in the Arena and the Halcyon Fold!

Proud founder of Team Queso.