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Team Queso more united than ever

Despite the painful defeat inflicted to our Clash Royale players, the Gamergy weekend ended with a positive balance for Team Queso

The latest Gamergy in Madrid was a success for the club, not only because of the sporting results, but also because of the number of fans who came to see us and the close circle integrated by all the members of the club, who worked side by side so that our stand was the best of the whole event.

For three days we handed out posters, stickers, bracelets, t-shirts, caps and some juicy gifts courtesy of Razer. In addition, we gave out hundreds of medium pizza Telepizza vouchers, and we ate some ourselves to replenish our strength and keep the stand working at full capacity thanks to our new sponsor.

Attendees were able to play Fortnite in the four available spots at our stand, some of you were even lucky enough to form a squad with our professional players. We also saw you trying to defeat Soking, Beniju and so on at the Clash Royale Beat the Pro, perhaps at the Arena of Valor one or the subsequent tournament organised by Navalha.

You had the opportunity to have your poster signed by the Clash Royale players and Alvaro845 at the fan meeting, you took hundreds of ‘selfies’, you participated in our ‘cheesecana’ and, of course, you supported us tremendously during the semi-final of the Superliga Orange against Vodafone Giants.

The Superliga Orange is over

After an incredible season, with an almost perfect second leg of the league and a great comeback to reach the final face-to-face play-off, Team Queso unfortunately got defeated by the eventual champion.

Lecterns, spotlights, screens, audience. The stage was magnificent and Termisfa and his pupils love these events. They jumped into battle with very clear ideas and aiming to put the cap on a fantastic year. As always, Soking played the first game of the match against Surgical Goblin.

The Dutch player had a clear counter and won the game without too much trouble and the rest of the match went similarly until reaching the final 3-0 score, Team Queso only managed to win a single game in the entire semi-final. We would like to congratulate Vodafone Giants, who defeated Valencia 3-2 in the final. Asus Rog Army completes the top 4 of the Superliga Orange.

Everyone was extremely disappointed; the defeat was a tough pill to swallow. Many hours of preparation, a lot of work and the want to win was strong, but the general response after the initial sorrow has been amazing.

All of us together, all bearing part of the responsibility and most important of all, all of us fully aware and with renewed determination to continue working and preparing for the CRL, where we will continue to put on a good show and achieve many victories.

Soking, MVP of the league

The player from Cádiz received the award from the LVP which recognises him as the best player of the regular phase of the Superliga Orange. Congratulations!

Arena Quesito

One of the most remarkable results of the weekend came at the Clash Royale Open, where Dark Angel and Rubén, both from Team Queso’s youth academy, played the final which ended with Rubén’s victory and a prize of €1,200.

Arena Quesito is astonishing the world with their skills and results. Their superiority during the RPL is now reflected in this Open, where players from the main teams of the circuit also participated.


With a clear presence throughout the event, the extremely popular game also delivered good results for Team Queso. Our representatives took part in the Fortnite Open, which consisted of a series of qualifiers in which the first two of each round would qualify for the final

Everyone managed to qualify, and Naranjito came close to winning the final. He placed third with the highest number of kills but died at the end when the storm had already left them without room for manoeuvre. Equinocsis was top 7, Clynt top 14 and Prisionero top 26. Keep your eyes on our squad.

The one who did win was WithZack. As you know, a tournament for YouTubers in which Alvaro845 and WithZack participated, was held. Our Youtuber won one of the games of the event and also survived until the end with Lolito. Álvaro, on the other hand, delighted everyone with a kill and a dab that got captured in the LVP broadcast and raised applause from the audience. Great job both of you.


The Hearthstone Nationals also took place, where Team Queso was represented by Mariodela and Mircam. First a Swiss and then a bracket, after the initial six rounds only Mario managed to finish in the top eight, and his only defeat was precisely against Mircam.

Mario then won in the quarter-finals to reach the semi-finals, but Bigeldrazi crossed his path and crushed the dreams of our player who had to settle for a third/fourth place.

Great weekend, both in terms of sporting results and the success of our stand, we had an amazing time and we are sure you did too. Thank you very much for coming to visit us and for supporting us at all times. See you next time!