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Team Queso, let Fortnite know

We’ve made the leap from mobile devices to PC and some people don’t seem to know, but this weekend we’ve made it clear who we are and why we’re here with our keyboards and mice.

Last weekend, the Dreamhack Valencia took place. It was an event full of tournaments of different eSports among which was the Fortnite Dreamcup, a group-based phased competition that brought together today’s best Fortnite teams.

Team Queso was among the participants and the members of our squad were up to the task, they even surpassed all expectations.

The truth is that the organisation of the tournament was not the best. There were some delays and changes in the tournament’s structure several times due to lack of time. For a time, the participants did not know what was going to happen or whether the games they had played were valid or whether there were 1 or 3 rounds left.

At any rate, our players were focused on playing and after playing several rounds they qualified for the two finals: duos and squads. Clynt and Naranjito were a duo, Prisoner and Echinocsis the other one and the four of them played together as a squad. In duos we won 2 qualifying games thanks to Prisio and Equi, who were great all weekend, but ended up placing fifth in the final.

In ‘squads’, Team Queso stole the show after winning the first of the 5 final games and confusing the casters about the initials TQ. They won’t forget about us any more, that’s for sure. The team continued to do their best game after game and remained above the 5th place at all times. Great performance of our players who ended up placing third in the overall standings of the squad competition.

For Team Queso, the jump to Fortnite and PC has been a huge challenge but our first steps have been very successful. We have a highly skilled squad, committed and eager to improve and compete representing Team Queso. In Clynt’s words: ‘we are very happy because despite the disorganisation and the changes in the meta, we were able to evolve as a team and we feel that we have made a significant quality leap in just a few days of competing together’.

Stay tuned, because there is more Fortnite content coming and lots of Prisonero, Echinocsis, Clynt and Naranjito. And lots of cheese.