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Team Queso: League of Legends

POSTED BY TeamQueso 29/05/2019

Team Queso takes one step further and expands into League of Legends with a new squad that will compete in the Superliga Orange.

The time has come. After going through all the stages in eSports, Team Queso takes a huge step forward and creates a new League of Legends division. Riot’s title is undoubtedly one of the most popular and veteran games when it comes to eSports. From now on the jungle will be filled with cheese because Team Queso is ready.

Team Queso wishes to thank above all Razer and Telepizza, the club’s main sponsors, without whom none of this would have been possible. As part of Team Razer, Team Queso has always had the highest quality peripherals available for players to optimise their performance while creating content for fans and bringing the team closer to your home. Telepizza marked a milestone for the team, as it was their first interaction with eSports and they decided to support Team Queso. And now, together, they are walking an exciting path.

Today Team Queso officially announces that the team will compete in the League of Legends Superliga Orange. LVP decided to award the free spot to Team Queso after considering the club’s experience and trajectory in other modalities, as well as the stability and soundness of its sport and economic project.

Team Queso has put together a group of quality, committed people that will lead the boat in the right direction. The coach will be CoachGofio, from the Canary Islands, he is 22 years old and comes tu Superliga Orange to stay and with great ambition: “Both Team Queso and I are here to stay. We’ll do well, I’m sure, I’m totally confident in the squad we’ve put together despite the limited time available.”


The staff members that will accompany Gofio on this journey wil be Lucas Rojo as Manager, Samcro as Assistant Coach and Kaito as analyst. They all have a huge experience with the game and they will create a great working environment with the players:


Top: Nandisko

ADC: Khantos

Support: HungryPandaGRE

Mid: Von

Jungle: SpeeDy

Reserve players: AQ Aizhon, AQ Arôn

It is worth mentioning that Arena Quesito has been working for some time with a LOL squad, and at the moment Aizhon and Arôn are the ones who will go and play in the SLO team as reserve players.

Alvaro845: “I’m very happy because we’ve finally expanded into League of Legends. I wish to thank Telepizza and Razer, all the fans and all the members of the club for making this journey together. I also would like to thank LVP for the opportunity. Even if we haven’t had much time to prepare, rest assured that Team Queso aims to win the League of Legends Superliga Orange”.

The competition begins on the 3rd of June and the matches will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. At last, you’ll have a chance to support your favourite team in League of Legends, so unsheathe your Razer gear, order something from Telepizza and feel the cheese.

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