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Team Queso League of Legends 2021 roster

POSTED BY TeamQueso 17/12/2020

Team Queso is proud to announce its new League of Legends team that will be competing in next season’s SLO


You will be seeing new faces in Team Queso during this new League of Legends season The roster is made up by Send0o, DaVhys, Siler, JaVaaa and KarakalJr. The head coach will be Prod1gy, and Machuki the assistant coach. Samcro remains as manager of the division and Koala is the analyst.


For those who follow the competitive League of Legends scene in Spain, none of these players will be unknown to you, and together they are known as ‘La Chavalería’ (The Lads). They have joined together this year to compete and both they and the club are looking forward to what lies ahead.


Team Queso will thus be competing with a team made up entirely of Spaniards and hoping to keep growing its fanbase within the national LoL scene, where it is gradually making a name for itself. In addition, the team will be competing at the highest level and aims to win at least one of the Superliga Orange 2021 splits.


We will be creating lots of new content about the team and the players, both on Team Queso’s and the player’s social media, as well as their own streams.


Great things are coming to Team Queso League of Legends!