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Team Queso and Amazon have reached an agreement to sell the club’s products on the global e-commerce platform.

The Spanish eSports club, founded by YouTuber Alvaro845 in February 2017, keeps improving its business model and growing as an entity. Brands like Razer and Telepizza have been interested in the club and have contributed to its expansion. Being already present in the most influential eSports, in this case Team Queso has chosen to offer the best experience for their fans when acquiring their products.

The newly launched Team Queso store ( on the new Amazon Gaming Store ( is the perfect place for Team Queso fans all over the world to get their favourite team apparel, whether it’s the 2019 season technical t-shirt, a competition polo shirt, casual t-shirts in different formats or a sweatshirt.

Fans will also have the chance to buy a vinyled Kaliento with Team Queso’s badge to warm their fingers before playing, and there’s more in store in the coming weeks.

For Team Queso, being able to advertise their products on a platform like Amazon is a great opportunity and a turnaround for the business model. Alvaro845, CEO of Team Queso, speaks on behalf of the club: “We are very proud to be able to take this strategic step that introduces us into the major distribution channels. For us, this means a great leap in quality and for our fans a more accessible way to follow the club and show their support”.