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Fans around the world will now be able to follow this new Team Queso Twitter account in English: @TeamQuesoGGen


Team Queso, in its short life, has managed to transcend borders and break language barriers. Primarily focused on mobile games, the club is widely recognised worldwide and often competes with the best teams. Team Queso has participated in PUBG Mobile (Germany and Malaysia), Clash Royale (Japan) or Clash of Clans (Germany) World Championships in the past.


As for PC, Team Queso has also been present in the 2019 Fornite World Cup in New York represented by Prisi0n3r0, who ended up placing 46th. 


As a natural step, the club launches a new Twitter account in English, which will be mainly focused on sharing information about both international competitions and teams, follow live tournaments, as well as important milestones of Team Queso in general and multimedia content. 


In addition, this is a very important step for the club, especially when considering investors and partnerships, to be able to better reach the English-speaking communities, we know we have thousands of fans out there as well. 


Hello World! Say cheese!