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On the 16th and 17th of March, a Team Queso expedition will be competing at the famous SXSW Gaming Festival as the only Spanish representative.

Austin (Texas) is the second international stop for our players so far this year, we will be competing in the tournaments organised by the Super Magical Cup in conjunction with the SXSW Gaming Festival and NGE (Next Generation eSports).

The tournaments that will take place during these days in this event are the Super Magical Cup: Kings of the Hill and Super Magical Cup: Open Play, each one taking a full day of the stage.

Both tournaments follow the recent announcement of Supercell’s new professional team-based league, making it certain to attract both professional and amateur Clash Royale players.

    • Super Magical Cup – Kings of the Hill: Will be a ‘king of the hill’ format similar to that of competitions such as the Clan Wars pitting the world’s best Clash Royale teams against one another in 3v3 matches. It will take place on Friday, the 16th of March from 12:00 PM to 20:00 PM (CST) and from 19:00 PM (CET) in Spanish time.
    • Super Magical Cup – Open Play: An open tournament where any attendee to the SXSW Gaming Festival event can participate and vie for the $20,000 prize, it will be held on the 17th of March from 12:00 PM and will be attended by our players.

It is important to emphasize that we will be participating in both competitions. Our squad will be revealed daily on our social media, until then you just have to be patient and wait. We will be looking forward to your support!

The entire competition will be broadcasted live on twitch at with well-known English casters accompanied by the best Clash Royale teams such as Tribe Gaming or Nova!

More information about the event:
Website SXSW