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Team Queso has won April’s Qualifier and secures a place in Germany to compete against the best teams in the world.

This weekend in Poland has been absolutely incredible. In just a few days Team Queso has gone from nothing to qualifying for the World Championship and giving a performance worthy of being remembered.

Everything went right for Team Queso and now they can celebrate their first Clash of Clans title. The players, eager to compete, arrived at Katowice aiming to win, and from the Quesocasa, Zolokotroco and co. did a fantastic job casting the event.

The club’s broadcast was a success, with an average of nearly 3,000 viewers on YouTube, good casters and a fabulous response from the Spanish-speaking community of Clash of Clans, which now has a new home. Team Queso would like to thank ESL for allowing the fancast of the event and Zolokotroko, Cuevas, Kojisan and Ixena for these three days full of magic.

The victory gives Team Queso a place in the World Championship created by Supercell with 1,000,000 dollars in prizes. It will be taking place in Germany and will bring together the 8 best teams in the world in October 2019.

The match was played by Fed, Maicol DP, Almualin, Rigotorres23 and Oskvim.


The competition was divided into two groups of four teams, Team Queso was in group A and competed on Friday, group B did the same on Saturday and on Sunday took place the semi-finals and finals between the top two teams from each group.

When Friday arrived, it was time for Team Queso and the players to prove their worth. They were nervous at first, unsurprising in tournaments like this, but they immediately took control of the situation and showcased their skills scoring several three-stars victories that boosted their confidence.

Maicol was the first to achieve such a feat, Oskvim followed suit and from there on Team Queso was always ahead in stars and had no problems to qualify as first of the group for Sunday’s final after the three wars.


On Saturday Team Queso had a chance to rest while their future opponents played in the semi-finals, and finally it was Top of Japan, who made us experience an agonizing time on Sunday in the semi-final.

It was an evenly matched game, Maicol scored the first three-stars victory, then the Japanese followed suit, and so on until reaching the last attack in which Oskvim needed all three stars to qualify for the finals by a having better percentage.

Three minutes would decide whether the team would qualify or not for the World Championship and Oskvim did not disappoint with a perfect attack and those three stars that kept the entire Clash of Clans community on the edge.


With emotions running high, it was time to take the final step against Blaze JP for a place in the World Championship in Germany.

A best-of-three match, the battle began and about 8000 people watched in excitement on Team Queso’s YouTube channel. The players delighted the entire Spanish-speaking community of Clash of Clans with an almost perfect first set with three three-stars victories, a 97% and an 88%, and thus getting ahead.

The second set was more difficult for both teams, the lack of three-stars victories in the 10 attacks tied both teams at 10 stars but the Japanese ended up scoring the point thanks to their higher percentages.

Thus, arrived the final war, the decisive set to determine which clan would get a place in Germany, and Team Queso is not daunted by any challenge. The players remained calm, achieving a three-stars victory, the Japanese got overwhelmed by the pressure and had two attacks in which they only scored a single star.

With one attack to go, Team Queso already knew who was going to emerge victorious and the players were unable to contain their glee.


Cuevas, team captain speaks in the name of all despite not having participated in this event:  “Feeling the support of the whole Spanish community has been incredible. We have all seen that there’s an extremely high level of play and that Clash of Clans can be fascinating.”

The match was played by Fed, Maicol DP, Almualin, Rigotorres23 and Oskvim. And the following were missing.

See you around the villages!