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A few months ago, Surgical Goblin was crowned king of the competitive scene and nobody has been able to dethrone him. This time, during the third edition of the ESWC that took place in Cologne (Germany) on the 24th and 25th of August. Surgical came, saw, conquered and collected the €2,500 winner’s prize, which has been a common occurrence during these recent months in the tournaments in which the Dutch player participates. Gamescom is the third face-to-face tournament conquered by Surgical Goblin in two months, after the Gamepolis and the CCGS EU tournaments, dominating all his matches 3-0 or 3-1, making it clear who is the opponent to beat in the Clash Royale competitive scene.

How did the tournament go?

The face-to-face tournaments organised by the ESWC are the most prestigious in Europe, with the biggest prize pool and in which the best European Clash Royale players tend to participate.

After competing in a series of on-line qualifiers prior to the event, 32 players were going to face off against each other in a Robin phase consisting of four groups with eight players in each. In each group, each player had to play seven best-of-five games without bans. The top six players in each group would move on to the next double elimination phase.

Four players from Team Queso participated in this Robin phase: Surgical Goblin, Soking, Mthja and Berin (currently on a trial period before joining the official roster) Surgical dominated 7-0 in the Group 1, followed by Berin in second position. In the Group 2, Soking was first with 18 points, things didn’t go that well for Mthja who was eliminated with six points in the Group 4.

Knockout phase

The eagerly awaited knockout phase took place on the second day of the competition. The 24 players who had gone through the Robin Phase were to face off against each other in an already known double bracket system, where the top two players wouldn’t have to play the qualifying round of the winners bracket. Surgical Goblin was able to reach without much trouble the final of the winners bracket, after defeating 3-1 players of the calibre of Nemsensei and MaxLaMenace. Azilys, who was very confident after sending Soking to the losers bracket in the semifinal, awaited him in the final of the upper bracket. The Dutch player managed to reach the grand final after sweeping the French player 3-0.

Azilys awaited his opponent in the lower bracket. Both Soking and Berin, who didn’t want to waste their second and last chance to reach the final, where playing in said bracket and right there is where both Team Queso players met again, in the semifinal of the losers bracket. It was the second time that they faced off against each other in this competition and, once again, the Spanish player emerged victorious with the same result that in their previous match, 3-2. After two exciting matches between Team Queso players, Berin finished the tournament in fourth place and Soking played against Azilys to determine who would reach the grand final against Surgical Goblin. A Spaniard had never reached an ESWC final, however, Soking played masterfully and managed to beat 3-0 the French player. Thus, he was going to measure himself against his team-mate in the grand final.

The Grand Final

Without a doubt a Team Queso player was going to be crowned champion of this ESWC Gamescom. Surgical Goblin against Soking, a final between team-mates and friends.

In the first game, the Andalusian player started with one of the most popular decks during the competition, the PEKKA-Miner deck. However, Surgical Goblin ended up getting the first point with his Musketeers deck.

During the second game, Soking tried to copy the Dutch player’s previous deck, but once again Surgical came out on top with a classic, the Logbait, and using only six cards. At this point Surgical Goblin clearly had the upper hand, he only needed one more victory to be crowned champion.

During the last game, the Dutch player used once again his Logbait deck, whereas Soking tried to catch his team-mate by surprise with a Zapbait deck with Furnace, Goblin Barrel, Minion Horde and Mirror Alas, things didn’t go his way. Surgical masterfully played the most used deck during the final phase of the tournament and took the title with an overwhelming 3-0.

Soking has already played several finals of different tournaments where he’s been very close to the victory, but the Dutch surgeon’s fantastic shape makes him seem unbeatable. In any case, the performance of the Team Queso players in this tournament has been exceptional, obtaining the first (Surgical Goblin-€2500), second (Soking-€1250) and fourth place (Berin-€500) of the tournament.

The next ESWC event will be in Paris from the 1st to the 5th of November, with the participation of players from Asia and America. Can you feel the hype??

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