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Team Queso has made it to the Vainglory 8!

Finally, and this time without setting any precedents, or the other way round, it does not matter, meeting people’s expectations, or not, it does not matter, without L3oN competing for the first and only time in the VGL, without Sn3aky creating a team for the VGL after getting their place in the VG8, without G2 in sight (they are already where they have to be), without triple unfavourable ties that leave us yearning for more, finally, this time, Team Queso has joined the elite of European Vainglory and becomes the first Spanish organisation to achieve a similar milestone.

The journey has been long and complicated. In February 2017, we created a project that had been brewing for about 3 months, our main goal was non-other than reaching the Vainglory 8. ‘These guys are crazy’ said some people. ‘A project like this cannot succeed in Spain’ said others. Some simply laughed out loud. Many, of course, encouraged us in our attempts. Almost a year later, after having almost achieved it in the summer and after showing the world in Los Angeles that we were serious, our players, Manu ‘PRZ’, David ‘DarkGhost00’ and Benedict ‘MrKcool’ fulfilled the dream and finished the challenger battles through the winners bracket putting a fantastic show after beating Raging Donuts, Qlash and Calamity Reborn, thus beating the 2 VG8 teams taking part in the tournament.

And believe me when I say that it was not easy at all. Team Queso had defeated Qlash, the seventh team in the VG8, 2-0 in the semi-finals. After the favourable result, Team Queso was the favourite team to win the match against Calamity, a team that has been drifting along during the season of the vainglory 8 and that only had won 2 matches in the competitive scene during the last 3 or 4 months.

They were keeping their strength for this moment. They ended up winning the first best-of-five game, even though we had the upper hand, largely due to a connection problem at a key moment that gave Calamity enough advantage to release a kraken that, ultimately, sealed the game. 0-1.

The second game started with Calamity having the advantage, but that was part of the plan. After enduring their attacks the best we could during the early and midgame, Kcool finished his build with Baron and fought his way through the Calamity turrets to take 6 of the 7 kills that Team Queso got in the game and evened the score.

In the third game, once again, we lost the chance of getting ahead in the match. With a double weapon build, it was extremely important to kill Ringo before he wreaked havoc, Team Queso had the victory within reach, but in the end some mistakes made it so Calamity, defending their spot in the VG8, emerged victorious. 1-2 and our players were put up against the ropes in the match.

In the fourth game, we could see (oh! what a surprise) Apfel with Vox for the third time in four games, kcool with Skye WP and DarkGhost with Reza, taking advantage of the fact that, for the first time in the series, Calamity chose not to ban him. Team Queso started going strong and easily knocked down the first towers, but despite the significant gold advantage, Calamity started to make a comeback after winning a team fight. They could have won, but our players reacted on time and, with a final fantastic team fight, they managed to score an ace, destroy the remaining towers and win the game. 2-2 and everything would be decided in the last game.

Everything was at stake and the team that could take the decisive point would win the match. Team Queso’s strategy consisted of a double crystal build, with a super aggressive early game in the jungle, especially against Ardan and Fortress, and with lots of CC to prevent Calamity from reaching Celeste. The execution was impeccable, and Team Queso was able to snowball Calamity and left them, in just 10 minutes, with just two towers and a considerable gold disadvantage. From that point on, all we had to do was to keep putting pressure on them to increase the gold difference, release the kraken and finish the game as fast as possible to win the long-awaited place in the Vainglory 8. The match was so intense and long that the Calamity players were not able to play another match against Qlash, so they gave up, thus losing their spot in the Vainglory 8 and allowing Qlash to keep it.

Last but not least, we have to congratulate and thank Benedict, Manu and David for their dedication and performance to make this dream possible, and everyone who was supporting Team Queso. This goes for you all! We will have to wait until 2018 to see their debut among the greatest, but it will definitely be worth it. At the end of the month we will be competing in the Vainglory Pro Series against Qlash, Sk and G2, and we will be in person at the Gamergy from the 15th to the 17th of December in Madrid. We will be waiting for you all!