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Team Queso had a dream weekend

Termisfa’s pupils did not disappoint in the double day of the Superliga Orange and won their matches against KIYF and ASUS Rog Army with a solid performance

There are only three days left in the league to know which four teams will fight to win the Gamergy, which will be held in Madrid on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June. The margin for error is minimal and each set is important for possible tie-breakers.

On Saturday the match was online against KIYF, and the team’s performance was very solid and we only lost a set, thus repeating the result of the first leg, a favourable 3-1 for Team Queso.

Belikin, in good shape

The young English player was a steamroller, he played in all four sets and always emerged victorious. He won his first game against DWP7 by dealing more damage to the towers after 6 minutes, after that his opponents had no chance during the remaining games.

Again, DWP7 in the second set, Megabababou later and finally Javi14 in the decisive game fell to the Three Musketeers and the Giants of the Brit.

Soking twice and Cuchii Cuu in the only game of the day he played contributed to Team Queso’s 3-1 victory.

Duel against ASUS

On Sunday it was time to secure our winning streak and what better chance than a face-to-face duel against ASUS Rog Army. Six points separated both teams and with four days of competition to go, our players had only one possibility in mind.

Without reserve players due to the impossibility of travelling, Soking, Beniju and Cuchii Cuu knew they would not have a moment of respite. Stage, cameras, audience and nerves, we train hard to enjoy these moments.

The first game pitted Berin against Beniju, and we had a vibrant game, in which the Basque had to make a comeback after one of his towers was destroyed due to a bad initial rotation. He was able to even the game and after exhausting the 3 minutes of overtime, the difference in total damage to the towers was 15 in Berin’s favour.

That brought negative memories to Beni, who already experienced something similar a few months ago when he lost a game by 10 points of damage while still in ASUS and precisely against Team Queso.

Cuchii Cuu masterful defences

Photo by Hara Amorós

The second one to participate was Cuchii, with a fast cycle Graveyard deck against Kanario’s Giant with double Prince. The Majorcan player was in very good shape, playing at a very high level and showed it again under pressure.

Always focused, he managed his elixir to perfection to foil again and again the rival’s onslaughts and, Graveyard to Graveyard, he was able to knock down the enemy tower and even the set.

Soking came, saw and conquered

As usual, Soking played the decisive game of the first set against Miguelinho, who played with a Golem and Hut deck. Neither nervous nor tense, Soking seemed to be extremely comfortable.

After the first manoeuvres of the game, Soking changed the lane and threw a Skeleton Barrel, Guards, Bats and Miners in a devastating attack that destroyed the tower in seconds. He only had to stop the next Golem attack and Team Queso won the first set, very important.

Photo by Hara Amorós

Two more sets, identical results

Soking scored the 1-0 in the second set after beating Naginata, then Beniju, with that 15 engraved on his head, lost to Kanario but Cuchii Cuu, in a very close game, defeated Berin after dealing more damage to the towers.

In the third set, Beniju was defeated again but Soking and Cuchii completed a great afternoon with two new victories. First Soking, with Pekka, Miner and a masterful use of the Zap, nullified Berin’s Battle Ram and managed to destroy the tower.

In the decisive game Cuchii played wonderfully. Naginata used a Miner with Lava Hound deck and Cuchii preferred to use a Giant with double Prince deck. Both lanes saw some action and Cuchii managed to damage the two towers to half hp while Naginata only threatened one tower. As soon as the overtime started, Cuchii answered a Lava Hound with a 19-elixir push on the other lane led by a Giant, including a Zap to an Inferno Dragon and culminated by a lethal Poison.

One more victory to the count

The joy of the players was tremendous and during the group hug Termis put the finishing touches to a great weekend for Team Queso. The 3-0 victory doesn’t reflect how evenly matched the games were, it was not a simple match at all. Team Queso just needs three more points to reach the spots that would allow us to qualify for the Gamergy and there are three days of competition remaining. We will fight to the end and wish the ASUS Rog Army team best of luck. Or not so much.