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A great match for both Team Queso and G2 in the third day of the Clash Royale League that ended up with our team leading the league table with three victories out of three possible


The first litmus test in the Clash Royale League arrived and Team Queso was able to pass it successfully. After two relatively easy victories over Misfits and Fnatic in the first two days of the competition, G2 proved to be a tougher nut to crack and, for the first time, forced us to play the King of the hill.

They had also just won their first two matches, the latest one against Team Liquid and with Kanariooo in great shape and already having been nicknamed ‘Giant Slayer’ by American casters. With Fei absent, the rival team completed their line-up with ShiR and Ferchu. Across the river, Team Queso with Beniju, Saint Belikin, Cuchii Cuu and Soking.

Dominating the 2v2

As always, the match began with the 2v2 and Saint Belikin repeated for the third consecutive match, this time with Beniju as in the first day. Both Tornado and Fireball were banned, two of the cards that have a bigger impact on 2v2 since the lanes are easily overcrowded.

Our players are nailing their 2v2 games so far in the tournament and it would be no different against G2. Beni and Belikin used both Golem and Miner as win conditions in the first game and managed to knock down a tower shortly after the overtime started with several cannon shots of a Flying Machine that turned the scales.

The second game was again very close in terms of tower damage but Beni and Belikin cycled their cards better in the final moments and with two Miners and a Poison dealt the last 700 hitpoints to the rival tower and took the first point for Team Queso.

Soking v Kanariooo

A long-awaited match for everyone, Kanario in great shape and Soking, as always, a rival to beat. Our player chose a Miner control deck while G2’s player used the Royal Hogs, a card that has seen lots of play in the CRL along with banning the Fireball, also present in this game in addition to the Tombstone.

Soking clearly won the first game, with the Minions being a headache to Kanario. The Zap of was not enough and after several offensives, they finally reached the tower and destroyed it in a matter of seconds.

The second game was the other way around, Kanario dominated from the start after a first attack in which an Inferno Dragon slipped through and completely burnt a tower. Soking didn’t stop trying, even the casters praised some of his plays, but it was not enough. First match ball thwarted.

The tie-break made us all tremble with excitement. Kanario drew first blood, once again with an Inferno Dragon that significantly torched one of Soking’s towers, then he returned the favour with some Royal Hogs. The tug-of-war went on until Kanario’s tower fell and Soking’s one when the game was about to the end.

With the game restarted, Soking was able to launch some attacks with Royal Hogs but Kanario’s Valkyrie stopped them before they were able to deal too much damage, and on the other lane Lava Hounds were flying towards the tower of our player while tanking all the other troops. A Flying Machine first and then a Cannon Cart finally demolished Soking’s tower and tied the match.

King of the Hill

For the first time in the CRL, Team Queso would have to play the third set, the King of the Hill, a fast and dynamic format and despite knowing that winning 2-0 would have been a better result, we wanted to enjoy it. Termisfa lined-up Cuchii Cuu, Saint Belikin and Soking, respectively and so Cuchii jumped into battle for the first time that afternoon.

And the way he did it! The Majorcan was on fire and we saw that in the games he played. With his usual calm demeanour and know-how, he first defeated ShiR with a Miner and Mortar deck, and then Ferchu with Bowler and Graveyard. Kanariooo then entered the scene and prevented Cuchii Cuu sweep, with Graveyard and Cannon Cart overwhelming our player and setting the 2-1.

With Cuchii eliminated, it was Saint Belikin’s turn, the English player had not yet played any individual games in the CRL and this would be his chance, but Kanariooo showed again that he is in great shape and won again forcing us to play a final game and getting our nerves on edge.

Soking got his revenge

The final game started with Kanariooo playing a Giant and Soking a P.E.K.K.A. A favourable match, but we must not count our chickens before they are hatched. The fact is that Soking was able to make the most of that advantage and gave his opponent no chance during the game. He got his revenge after the 1v1 and finished the match for Team Queso.

With three victories in three matches, Team Queso rests at the top of the table, undefeated and showing a great level. Great work from Termisfa and Mad Raider and of course all the players: Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Beniju, Saint Belikin and Anthony. The next match will be against Allegiance on Saturday the 8th of September.

See you then!