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The club continues growing and bringing more news, in this case we are talking about the first MOBA for PC in Team Queso.

Smite is a MOBA for PC developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Among the particularities of this title with respect to other MOBAS is the fact that the player controls the characters from a third-person perspective with the WASD keys and use the mouse for aiming.

The game also features a large selection of characters from different pantheons. There are both friendly and enemy minions who aid the characters in battle and will subtract gold from the opposing team when they are eliminated. Victory is achieved by slaying the enemy Titan, once all other defences have been eliminated.

Team Queso will compete in the Smite Minor League, which brings together 8 teams from Europe and North America and will consist of Bo3 matches with the possibility of attending the SMITE World Championship. The participating teams are:

Armada Esports (NA)
Sanguine Esports (NA)
Team CryptiK (NA)
Spacestation Gold (NA)
Flash Point (EU)
Team Queso (EU)
Simplicity (EU)
OutCold Gaming (EU)

Here you can check our presentation video where we announce our expansion into Smite: