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The Three Wise Men want Team Queso to start the year on the right foot and with more work. They are bringing yet another PC game: Rainbow Six Siege.


Team Queso, the Spanish eSports club founded in 2017 by Álvaro ‘Alvaro845’ González and Alicia ‘Alimorol’ Morote, takes one more step on the ambitious road they have planned. In June 2018 the team took a leap into PC games with the addition of a Fornite division. The team would later reinforce this new trend by acquiring a CS: GO squad and now the Three Wise Men have brought a gift to all Team Queso fans.


Team Queso has officially announced the expansion into Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s shooter, in which the team will compete in the Challenger League organised by ESL starting on Monday, the 7th of January.


Team Queso’s Rainbow Six Siege squad will be made up of Íñigo ‘Scythe’ Gómez, Kevin ‘Iluzjonist’ Martín, Joan ‘Therox’ Martín, Javier ‘Pato’ Ciprés and Antonio ‘Nakinak’ Llorca. All of them very well-known players, now they are part of Team Queso, and the coach will be Francisco ‘muyfran’ Martinez.


Team Queso’s commitment to continue growing is closely linked to the support offered by Telepizza since the sponsorship came into force in June, and its subsequent expansion after the fantastic results obtained. Thanks to the support of Telepizza, Team Queso is seeking new goals and finding new challenges to overcome.


Rainbow 6 joins Smite, announced last Thursday, a game in which Team Queso also will be officially competing. The Smite Minor League has announced the eight participating teams and among them is Team Queso. In this way, the team will be competing for the first time in a MOBA for PC.


Álvaro assured us that 2019 will be a year full of cheese: “We are very happy to be able to announce these news to the entire community, the whole world should get ready because Team Queso is going to be quite a handful. We would like to thank Telepizza for the support they’ve given us on this new journey we began a few months ago and the trust they’ve placed in us.”



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