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Team Queso embarks on a new adventure with this ‘shooter’ for mobile devices, PUBG Mobile becomes a new division of the club.

Team Queso is always ready, whether on PC or mobile device, to jump into any promising opportunities. In this case Team Queso has seen a new possibility to dominate the scene in a game for mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile is the only shooter for mobile devices that, for the time being, has taken the leap and enter the eSports competitive scene. The numbers speak for themselves, with more than 200 million total users and some 30 million unique users every day, Tencent’s mobile game has convinced the audience and PUBG has answered with a competition up to the occassion.

Team Queso will participate in the PUBG Mobile Club Open, a region-based competition with qualifying phases open to everyone, called Crew Challenge. Once the qualifiers are over, each group will have its 32 best teams, and the fight will begin until reaching the regional finals, the world finals, and the total $2 million in prizes.

Some of you will remember PRZ, a former Vainglory player and one of those who was in Team Queso since the very beginning. Today he returns to the club as captain of the PUBG Mobile team, where he is ranked in the top 100 of Europe in the in-game ranking. His experience in eSports and his undeniable talent handling the touchscreen bodes well for the future of the team.

‘I’m very happy to be back in the family that saw me grow as a player and helped me reach my goals’. Thus, Manuel ‘PRZ’ Pérez, Adrián ‘Wakala’ Darias, Marcos ‘Gochiii’ Muñoz, Xavi ‘luNAtik’ Serrano and Francisco ‘KarriK’ González will make up Team Queso’s PUBG Mobile squad.

Here you can check their social media so that you get to know them:

PRZ: @ManuPRZz


Gochiii: @GochiMr

luNAtik: @‪luNAtikJAiii

KarriK: @karrik18

Pan in hand, thus begins Team Queso’s journey in PUBG Mobile, aiming to become the best in the world.