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Team Queso expands into Fortnite

POSTED BY Juanjo DoubLeJMT 20/06/2018

Team Queso expands into Fortnite

A new era is about to begin for our organisation with the announcement of our new Fortnite team

Since the very beginning of Team Queso, we have always been characterised by looking for new ways to innovate, break boundaries and surpass our own limits. Our team was created aiming to make history and leaving a mark on the global eSports scene.

Today we are proud to announce a new team, four new players and therefore a new area in which to compete: we are introducing our own Fortnite Squad.

The Fortnite phenomenon has undoubtedly been the revelation of this 2018. Epic Games’ title has managed to transcend the gaming market boundaries and in just one year of life has reached the spectacular figure of 125 million users worldwide. As proof of this, there is no precedent to the expectation aroused by both the tournament organised by El Rubius and the Battle Royale tournament organised by the LVP.

It’s a fact that Fortnite is the most viral and media-popular title in the world today, and this is one of the reasons why we’re betting on it, in addition to the passion that the Epic Games game has awakened in all Team Queso.

The decision to bet on Fortnite is also motivated by the recent announcement by Epic Games of their plan to invest $100 million to fund the prizes of the game’s competitive tournaments and the organisation of the “2019 Fortnite World Cup” with the corresponding competitive circuit around the world to qualify for this world championship.  Epic Games’ commitment to developing the competitive scene is clear.

According to our CEO, Álvaro G. Buitrago:

[pullquote]We are excited to finally take the step to expand into a PC game, and what better way to do it than with such a popular game as Fortnite. We are stepping outside our comfort zone of mobile devices, but do not be mistaken, our new Fortnite squad is ready to take the world by storm just like their team-mates have already done in the other games in which we compete. [/pullquote]

These are the players who will be playing for Team Queso in all the upcoming competitions:

  • Ignacio NavarroClyntTeam Captain and IGL (In Game Leader), current computer engineering student, joins Team Queso to prove that he was born to compete at the highest level. He and Colla qualified among the four best duos in Spain to represent Team Queso in the European War Legends tournament.
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  • Julio Cortés Naranj1t0 a player from Extremadura (Spain) who has loved competing and gaming since he was born, he now comes to Team Queso aiming to reach the top. Among his many achievements in Fortnite we can highlight a national top 1 in wins this season or a TRN Rating world’s top 18.
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  • Ramón Mateu Prisi0n3r0“–  a young player hailing from Valencia (Spain) who began his adventure in the competitive scene at the age of 8 thanks to his father. A common sight in the majority of top leaderboards in Spain, he’s right now ranked as the national top 1 according to the TRN Rating (squad).
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  • Alex Andrango Equinocsis” –  born in Mallorca (Spain) – is taking with us his first steps in the competitive scene aiming to make history. Current national top 13 in solo wins.
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  • Joseba Collados Colla” –This young player from Biscay (Spain) joins Team Queso as reserve player. Currently, he has qualified to play in the War Legends with Clynt.
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You will be able to see our new players in action for the first time in the Gamergy Open to be held this weekend at IFEMA (Madrid), see you at Gamergy!

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