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Alvaro845’s club earns 4 titles including the first as Telepizza Team Queso: The Clash Royale Superliga Orange

As every year, Gamergy, a video game convention held in Ifema (Madrid), welcomed thousands of eSports fans who wanted to come and see and support their favourite players and clubs. According to data from the organisation, more than 61,000 people attended the event that lasted three days, which is a new record of attendance. Team Queso was also at the convention and its presence was clearly noticeable, both with a thematic stand in which there were many fun activities for fans, as well as in the competitions where the team dominated once again.

The club also celebrated its one-year relationship with Telepizza, the club’s main sponsor, and to celebrate it they have carried out numerous joint actions both in social media and physically at the stand. These include the design of a new premium box with the club’s badge that will be distributed throughout Spain, and the change of the club’s name in LVP competitions to Telepizza Team Queso.

Clash Royale Superliga Orange

Telepizza Team Queso couldn’t wish for a better start with its new name. The players gave us a show worthy of being remembered both in the semi-finalsand in the final, and finally managed to earn this long-awaited trophy that already rests in the showcases of the club. 

The semi-final against X6tence was one of the best games ever seen in the SLO. Both players and fans were up to the task and there was a vibrant atmosphere during the five sets that the match lasted. 

The nervousness of the players was evident every time a game ended, with passionate celebrations accompanied by lots of noise coming from the terraces. Blows were constantly being exchanged, the sets were won by a different team each time until Telepizza Team Queso won the last game of the King of the Hill in the fifth set. Rubén defeated iAmJP and achieved his 5-0 score during the semi-final

The final against Arctic Gaming wasn’t as close as the semi-final. The players had just fought and won a very difficult match and their performance was not about to be diminished. Iván Abuso, CM Awesome, Er Nahu B4N and Rubén, coached by Jostum, won the match 3-1 and lifted the Superliga Orange trophy at last. 

Rubén had the best individual performance in the history of the Superliga Orange finals, with a win rate of 88% and a balance of 8-1. 

Brawl Stars

The Brawl Stars players are unstoppable and have finished Gamergy being recognised as the best Brawl Stars team in the world, after winning both the Gamergy Open and the Gamergy Masters, where they faced the best teams in the scene and earned 15,000 euros in prizes. 

Guille VGX, AlbertCG and J0s3K are truly unstoppable and they had already won the ESL Masters one week before Gamergy. The work of the different members like Kius, manager and Drakezz, coach, is being spectacular and in their short trajectory in the club they have already achieved 3 important titles. 

Arena of Valor

The Arena of Valor Gamergy Open was held on Friday and Team Queso also won this title. Ibubichi, Ruiz, Javix, Memorized and Liluo once again showed that they are the best in the national scene and did not give Cream or X6tence a chance in the semi-finals and final. 

Soon you will see Navalha and Samcro competing in China in the finals of the Valor Series, they will be held on the 18th, 19th and 20th of July. 


Telepizza Team Queso participated in the sixth round of the League of Legends Superliga Orange but could not defeat eMonkeyz. The team continues to work on improving and getting to know each other and little by little more victories will come. 

The club, Gofio and the players; Nandisko, Kanthos, Von, Speedy and HungryPanda are all confident that they can make it to the playoffs. 

On the positive side, as far as League of Legends is concerned, the players from Arena Quesito managed to be runners-up of the Storm League. 


The team duos participated in the GG Series Fortnite Open. The best position was achieved by ZohaaN and Naranjito, who finished in third position. Patataand Prisonero were in ninth position and Clynt and Urii finished in 12th position. 

Once the World Cup qualifiers are over, Prisionero will begin his preparations, since he will be in New York along with the best Fortnite players in the world. This event will take place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July at the Arthur Ash Stadium, where the final of the United States Open Tennis Championships is held annually. 

Clash of Clans

Gamergy allowed us to see a glimpse of the future, something that may happen during Clash of Clans World Championship, that will take place in October in Germany, we are talking about a match between Team Queso and Tribe Gaming. Both teams have qualified for the championship and Supercell wanted to offer the community an exhibition match in Madrid, so they invited all the players and, broadcast in Spanish by Zolokotroco and Ixena, both teams went to war.

Team Queso’s victory is symbolic and the atmosphere was absolutely great. It also has been proved that Clash of Clans is very much alive. It is worth highlighting everything that Supercell is doing to support the game, the organisation and production of events is being excellent and Team Queso is delighted to be able to participate.

Team Queso would like to thank all the fans who came to the stand to say hello, to ask questions, or just to take a look, to take a picture with Álvaro or WithZack or to get to know the club a little bit and also to those who came to cheer on the players as they competed and thus shared the triumphs and defeats. 

The club also wishes to thank Telepizza, Fontvella, Razer and Lenovo, sponsors of the club, for everything they are doing and helping us achieve these many feats.