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Team Queso announces the official roster that will compete in the next CRL Europe in Los Angeles

The CRL returns with the 2019 summer split. The best teams from Europe, North America and LATAM will compete against each other to determine which one will emerge as champion and qualify for the Clash Royale World Championship.

The roster for the next CRL WEST is made up of the same players as in the previous one, with an extra addition. Beniju, Cuchii Cuu, Dark Angel, Azilys and Rubén as a novelty, will be the five in charge of representing Team Queso. Termisfa continues as coach and AlvaroGL as analyst. Fuyur, overseeing everything in Los Angeles, is the Manager.

“This CRL is going to be different. We are looking forward to it, we are very excited, and we come prepared for the challenge we are about to face. This is it, we are confident in our abilities and we are going to demonstrate why we can represent Team Queso” says Cuchii Cuu.

Team Queso presents its candidacy to this competition once again, with renewed ambitions and with unfinished business from the 2019 spring split, when the results were not as good as expected. Knowing that it was not a good result, a new opportunity to return to the top has arisen.

Team Queso offers a mixture between veteran and experienced players such as Beniju, Cuchii Cuu or Azilys, and the freshness and quality of Dark Angel and Rubén. With the arrival of the latter, the team has gained an unusual ace up the sleeve that already has won several titles and given many memorable performances. Now, Rubén will test his skills in the world’s biggest Clash Royale competition, some opponents are already trembling.

“We decided to keep things similar as before with our players from the past split and adding Rubén to further reinforce the team. We have full confidence in them and in Termisfa to achieve our goal of winning everything after the changes in training dynamics” says Fuyur.

As always, Team Queso will keep you informed of everything going on in Los Angeles so you can keep up to date not only about how the league is going but also about how the players are living together and those moments that are not usually recorded by cameras.

They’re already in L.A. and the competition starts on the 14th of September, so the home stretch has started, and you’ll soon have more interesting news or videos related to CRL.

The CRL is about to begin!