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After the latest changes introduced by HiRez in the competitive system of the game, the club has decided to stop playing Smite in 2020


One year after the division was created, Team Queso is forced to close it. The club began its journey in HiRez’s game with a spot in the Smite Minor League (SML), the second most important league in the world organised by the developer and with a view to being promoted to the Smite Pro League (SPL), where the best teams in the world compete.


In 2020 the SML will disappear and, with it, our secure spot in a stable competitive environment within this eSport. Team Queso sent HiRez a request for a spot in the SPL 2020, but this was denied and therefore the club was left with no choice but to close the division due to the lack of a stable competitive environment.


In addition to the SPL, with its franchise-based format, the new competitive options are the Challenger Circuit and the Open Circuit, two leagues designed to create an ‘amateur’ environment, without franchises, with promotions and demotions and seeking to find new talents that could end up competing in the Pro League. 


However, after HiRez denied Team Queso’s request for a spot in the SPL, Team Queso has weighed its options and finally decided not to continue with this project. It’s been a fun year playing this third-person MOBA set in an arena dominated by the gods. Warchi, Julio, Chekii0, Dracomarino and WorstTurttle were the ones representing Team Queso in the SML, they gave their all in every match this year and the club wishes to thank them for their work and dedication. 


Some of you might remember that they are the old Papis and they will surely continue to be quite a handful under that name in the circuits that HiRez has organised. Team Queso wishes them best of luck in the future and we hope that they can achieve their goals in 2020, perhaps in the future we will see each other again in the SPL.


To all the fans who have been supporting us this year every Tuesday during our SML matches, we also want to thank you for all the support, and we encourage you to continue being part of this family.


Thank you very much and see you!