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We are announcing how the Clash Royale division of Team Queso will look in 2021 after the changes made by Supercell

At the end of 2020, Supercell announced a number of changes to the Clash Royale competitive system. They stopped supporting the team-based system in CRL that we knew until now and abandoned the 2v2 format, to move to a format open to everyone and more individual. All of this will be done through the in-game ladder.

Teams were quick to respond by abandoning their Clash Royale divisions and, obviously, withdrawing resources from a team that no longer had a place in the new competitive system.

Team Queso is the current Clash Royale World Champion, and probably the team that has ever done the most for Supercell’s game and its competitive system. This is undoubtedly a major setback for the club’s model, which must now be changed.

There is no doubt about it. Team Queso will remain committed to Clash Royale and will continue to rely on the four players who led the club to become World Champions in December 2020.

Cuchi Cuu, Beniju, Rubén and iAmJP all renew their contracts and will remain with Team Queso during this 2021 Clash Royale season. They will compete in the CRL representing Team Queso and in all other current competitions such as the Brenchong, and any other tournaments that may come up. Fuyur will remain in charge of the section.

Team Queso has always supported its competitive activity with lots of quality content, and our players will be following the same path. They will all continue to create content on their social media and keep the Team Queso Clash Royale name at the top.

The 2021 Clash Royale season will be somewhat different, but Team Queso and its players will undoubtedly remain at the top while leading in both competitions and content creation.

We are Clash Royale.