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Nova Esports has signed the entire Team Queso squad, which for the time being will not be looking for an immediate replacement for the Clash of Clans division.

The club puts an end to its Clash of Clans division. Following an offer from Nova for the entire Team Queso clan, the players have made the decision to switch teams. They will continue to compete representing Team Queso until the end of the ESL Masters Spain, given its regional nature, so you can say goodbye to them as they deserve and support them so they can win the competition.

Team Queso wishes to thank all those who have been members of our Clash of Clans division for their work, for their commitment and for having been able to take the club to a new level. Their achievements are numerous: a third place in the 2019 World Championship is worth highlighting and, after some changes in the squad, in 2020 two teams will be competing in the qualifiers for the World Championship in Katowice in July and August. We wish you good luck in the future and you can count on our support and, of course, that of the Spanish-speaking community. 

Team Queso puts an end to its competitive activity in Clash of Clans for the time being, but we will continue creating game content for all our fans and Zolokotroko will continue to collaborate with the club and will keep supporting the Spanish-speaking community of Clash of Clans with live streams and his YouTube videos, where he has more than 235,000 subscribers. 

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