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Fans of Team Queso, get ready for a new adventure. The club is proud to introduce Kius, who will be the manager of the division, thus begins the recruitment phase.

The internal league BrawlConQueso has already been organised, here you will be able to showcase your talents and join Arena Quesito. Not only that but also Arena Quesito is going to introduce a new Brawl Stars roster to start competing as soon as leagues are announced, in EU or LATAM. In addition, Team Queso will organise the Brawl Stars QuesoCup, a tournament that will be broadcasted on the club’s Twitch channel.

Manager of the Division

Team Queso proudly introduces Jesús ‘Kius’ Merino as the Brawl Stars manager. He is an engineer and is 31 years old, he hails from Barcelona. He is joining the club eager to keep on playing Brawl Stars as much as possible: ‘From the very first moment I started playing there was like a mutual bond, something that had not happened to me with any other game. I spent many hours playing without realising it, it is a game with so much potential, and I see no limitations’.

Kius saw the game’s potential as soon as it came out and not only has he played it, but he has also organised leagues like the Brawl Cup and even the BS World Cup. Now he will put that ambition and knowledge of the game to good use while surrounded by cheese. Welcome to your new home!


You can follow him on his Youtube channel, where he uploads Brawl Stars videos daily:


Roster of Arena Quesito

Among the first tasks of Kius is that of being responsible for making the first selection of players for Arena Quesito. The club is securing a roster of players able and ready to participate in any league that comes out in EU or LATAM.

Recruitment in BrawlConQueso

As it happened before with Clash Royale, there are already internal leagues with promotion (and relegation) system to reach the BrawlConQueso clan, from where the future professional Brawl Stars players of Team Queso may come out.

Don’t forget that players like Soking or Cuchii Cuu, today world-renowned in the Clash Royale competitive scene, started in a clan similar to BrawlConQueso. What are you waiting for?

Brawl Stars QuesoCup

Team Queso wants to promote the game and become a point of reference, as they did with Clash Royale. The club has organised the Brawl Stars QuesoCup, a tournament with at least 1500$ ‘prizepool’, that will broadcast on the club’s Twitch channel.


A partir de la próxima semana tendréis todos los detalles en un anuncio con más información y las instrucciones sobre cómo apuntarse. Se seleccionarán de entre los registrados las 8 candidaturas más consistentes y, junto con Arena Quesito y BrawlConQueso, formarán los diez equipos participantes. Si estáis pensando en crear vuestro equipo, es el momento.


There will be more details next week in an announcement with the full information and application instructions. The 8 most solid candidates will be chosen, and in addition to Arena Quesito and BrawlConQueso, they will make up the 10 participating teams. If you are thinking of creating your team, it is time.

The objective is to give a glimpse of what the competitive scene of Brawl Stars could be. The tournament will follow a BO5 format that will explore all the different modes available in the game, the teams will face each other and the top 8 will qualify for the final playoffs.

Alvaro845 is reliving his youth, with a feeling similar to when he started Clash Royale and the ambition to create something just as great: ‘We’ve been monitoring the game since it came out and paying a lot of attention to how the community was responding. We’re going to start from scratch, do things very well and have fun playing Brawl Stars’.