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Team Queso beats Neverback and gets into the top

Our players win 3-0 against a direct rival and with two match days of the Superliga to go, Cuchii Cuu and company are getting closer to the Gamergy

After their impeccable performance in this second leg of the league, last Sunday’s match was extremely important for Team Queso. After struggling for weeks and seeing qualifying for the Gamergy as impossible, this was the day when our players could finally get into the top 4.

Against them, Neverback Gaming, three points up and 3-1 in their favour in the first leg. At this point, the tie-breakers are something to keep in mind, although a victory is more than enough. They had just beaten Movistar Riders and everyone acknowledges the quality of their players, the match would be complicated without a doubt.

Soking to get the team started

A good start is vital to boost confidence, and who better than Soking to do so, who handles nerves to perfection. He chose a Golem deck and spent the first two minutes of the game testing his opponent and defending with Tornadoes, waiting to play his ‘win condition’.

When he did, Pablo98’s defensive Pekka also came into play but it was not enough, the Golem reached the tower and the support units along with Poison and the Log finished the game.

Fei tied the set against Saint Belikin, who couldn’t beat the Giant double Prince with a Graveyard. The English player had just got a 4-0 victory in the previous game against KIYF.

Cuchii Cuu on a roll

Cuchii did close the first set against Guanek. And not only that, but he got another two victories in the two remaining sets and with another 3-0, he now has seven victories in a row and an overall 13-1 in the second leg.

He was the MVP of the match and that’s the fourth time for him in this league. Words are not enough to describe Cuchii’s performance.

There are the standings after our victory vs Neverback.

Beniju gets back on track

The Basque breaks his bad streak with a great game against Fei. He joined the second set with 0-1 since Soking had lost the previous game, and chose to play a ‘Log bait’ with Rascals deck. He played to perfection, nullifying the rival’s Graveyard with Poisons and was able to destroy the tower thanks to several elusive Barrels.

Cuchii Cuu, in his second win of the day, scored the 2-1 and secured the second set this time using his Graveyard.

Perfect day for Team Queso

In the third set Soking and Cuchii Cuu won their games against Guanek and Pablo98 respectively without too much trouble. Beniju couldn’t beat Fei but with a triple 2-1, Termisfa’s pupils won another match brilliantly.

The results of the other matches also helped our players. The defeats of ASUS and Valencia left 4 teams tied at 30 points ranging from second to fifth place. Thanks to the tie-breakers, Team Queso is in second place and would qualify for the Gamergy today.

There are two match days left in the Superliga Orange and everything is yet to be determined. Team Queso is ready.