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Team Queso and two World Championships in a weekend

POSTED BY TeamQueso 29/07/2019

The Fortnite World Cup was held in New York with Prisionero representing the club, and in Berlin the PUBG Mobile players competed in the PMCO finals.


The club was twice as proud after having qualified for the Fortnite World Cup and the PMCO finals that were held last weekend from the 26th to 28th of July. Fortnite created the biggest event in eSports history and Prisi0n3r0 was there, competing to be crowned world champion. In Berlin the PUBG Mobile players put the cap on an amazing journey after fighting against the best teams in the world.


Being victorious in one of them would have been incredible for Team Queso. This time it was not possible, but the performances of all involved make the whole club proud and do nothing but fill us with energy and passion to continue enjoying these occasions in the future.


Fortnite World Cup


Prisi0n3r0 qualified for the Fortnite World Cup representing Team Queso and experienced a weekend he will never forget. He has been able to enjoy a unique experience and meet people from all over the world gathered in one place and with more than a million viewers, this has been possible thanks to a video game.


Three days of partying, competition and video games, with millions of dollars in prizes and that culminated on Sunday with Bugha, a 16-year-old American, claiming the title in the solo tournament in which Prisio also participated.


Prisio, Top 46


The Spanish player had a solid performance during all the games. He eliminated several opponents in the first three games, 1 in the first and 2 in the second, although he didn’t place high enough (28th and 27th) to get any points.


Prisio’s best game was the third, when he placed tenth and eliminated 5 opponents, thus rising to the twenty-first position in the general ranking.


He needed at least one victory to have a chance of winning the tournament and he tried, he tried to place high as possible. However, he could not score more points in the rest of the games and in the end he placed 46th in the world ranking, with 13 points.


Bugha was the champion with 59 and won the 3 million dollars prize, Psalm got 33 points and placed second, and EpikWhale third with 32.



Last weekend we were also competing in the world finals of the PMCO (Pubg Mobile Club Open) in Berlin, where the 16 best squads in the world of PUBG Mobile were competing against each other.


After qualifying last weekend in the World Cup preliminaries, our players Axel, Mystic, Ayala and Marco, led by Gabo, were fighting to get some of the 400,000 dollars of prize pool that were distributed in the tournament.


Bad start in the competition


The team got off to a pretty bad start in the competition. A mixture of silly mistakes along with a bit of bad luck when it came to the safe zones, which always forced us to make risky rotations, led us to finish the day in the Top 13 after playing 4 games. Two more days of competition remained ahead of us to make a comeback.


After analysing the routes and looking for solutions, on Saturday things improved significantly. Our players were able to get a Top 2 and finished the day with a Top 4 with 8 kills in a spectacular performance by Mystic, who got a triple kill in the smoke that will surely be remembered. The points we scored got us to the tenth position and left us with a chance to climb even higher on the last day.


Dominating on Sunday and placing 7th


And that’s what we did. On Sunday morning our players played like never before and managed to get a couple of Top 2 (which almost were victories) that helped us to climb to a definitive seventh position awarded with 6,000 dollars.


In short, a championship in which our #TQPUBG players’ performance went from lowest to highest, and that will undoubtedly serve as a positive experience for the next Split, in which they will also have Razer Phones 2 that will guarantee the best gaming experience possible.



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