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Team Queso and Twitch join forces to create the best mobile esports content

POSTED BY TeamQueso 21/12/2020

Team Queso joins forces with the popular streaming platform Twitch to offer the best mobile gaming-related esports content to the community


Team Queso is a world-leading Spanish eSports team focused on mobile games, founded by YouTuber Alvaro845 in February 2017. From the very beginning, the club has built its foundations on the creation of high-quality content related to the competitions and games in which it participates. Almost 4 years later, the club has a healthy presence in social media and Twitch is one of the platforms on which Team Queso has invested more resources.


Twitch is the most successful live streaming platform and where the vast majority of eSports competitions are broadcast to a huge audience. In addition, influencers and content creators broadcast daily to thousands of viewers who can interact on the spot through the chat and other tools available on the platform.


With the launch of Fortnite in mid-2018, Team Queso embarked on an adventure on Twitch with daily streams that evolved into producing the best high-quality content, with different points of view, commentators, replays or interviews during the Fortnite World Cup, thus bringing together eSports with content creation. The streams were very successful and attracted large numbers of followers and viewers, creating an important community.


Following the Fortnite World Cup, Team Queso adopted a new approach and has used its Twitch channel to broadcast competitions and content related to the games in which it participates, thus pleasing its core fans and succeeding in filling a niche. From Brawl Stars to Clash Royale or PUBG Mobile, the club has produced lots of high-quality content with tons of success.


It is thanks to this experience and know-how that, as of today, Team Queso can guarantee that any content broadcast on its Twitch channel is a model to follow in terms of expectations and quality, and this has not gone unnoticed by the platform itself.


Thus, Twitch LATAM wanted to take one step further and decided that Team Queso would be an ideal ally to promote any content related to mobile eSports. Through a partnership agreement, Twitch and Team Queso are working together to continue to bring mobile gaming closer to all videogames and eSports fans and to create even bigger communities.


This agreement includes Team Queso’s own Twitch channel and in turn the channels of various content creators from the Team Queso environment, such as Revol Aimar (Clash Royale), Zolokotroko (Clash of Clans), Poti (mobile MOBA), Spiuk (Brawl Stars), or players that pull significant viewers such as Beniju and iAmJP (Clash Royale), or the PUBG Mobile players.


You can follow Team Queso on their Twitch channel for the best mobile eSports content and other social media for more generic information and content.


See you on Twitch!