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Team Queso and Mariodela at Dreamhack

A bit of Hearthstone? Our representative will march to Austin, Texas, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June to compete with the best in the world

“The goal is to reach the top 16, I think it’s feasible and from there winning the bracket rounds should be easier.”

The expectations of Team Queso and Mario are high, as it could not be otherwise. The tournament is part of Blizzard’s tour and will reward points to qualify for the World Championship, it is the first Dreamhack in the United States and the expectation is high.

The format consists of 9 Swiss rounds, after which the best 16 participants will go on to compete in a single-elimination bracket. Each player brings in four different hero decks, one of which will be banned by the opponent before the game begins.

Whenever a game is lost, the deck that was played during the loss will no longer be used for the rest of the round. The round will last until either three games are lost or the opponent’s three decks are eliminated.

According to Mario’s aspirations, he will need to achieve a 7-2 balance in the Swiss rounds to ensure he makes it to the top 16. To do this, he will need your full support, wherever you are.

Go for it, Mario!

SCHEDULE (Local time in Spain)

Friday the 1st of June
18:00 Preshow
18:15 Round 1
20:15 Round 2
22:15 Round 3
00:15 Round 4
02:15 Round 5
Saturday the 2nd of June
18:00 Preshow
18:15 Round 6
20:15 Round 7
22:15 Round 8
00:15 Round 9
02:30 RO16 1
03:45 RO16 2
Sunday the 3rd of June
17:00 Preshow
17:15 RO8 – 1
18:30 RO8 – 2
19:45 RO8 – 3
21:00 RO8 – 4
22:15 RO4 – 1
23:30 RO4 – 2



Placement Prize
1 $5,000 + 15 HCT Points
2 $3,000 + 12 HCT Points
3-4 $1,500 + 10 HCT Points
5-8 $1,000 + 8 HCT Points
9-16 6 HCT Points
17-32 4 HTC Points