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Team Queso keeps its winning streak in the Clash Royale League after defeating Allegiance in a tough match where we came out ahead in the King of the Hill

If there’s one opponent to beat in this CRL, it’s Team Queso, who hasn’t yet known defeat and rests at the top of the table after being victorious four times in a row. The fourth was perhaps the most complicated, as the French players of Allegiance came close to winning.

They had a 2-2 score, with one match more than Team Queso, and they needed the points to remain close to the play-off positions. They were ready to give their all and everyone noticed it from the very beginning, forcing Soking and company to play at their top level in every game.


The player from Cádiz began the 2v2 with Cuchii Cuu, debutant in this modality. Their rivals were Loupanji and Wekoh and the banned cards were Lava Hound and Tornado.

Without the Lava Hound, many Golems saw play on both sides. In the first assault the French had a better initial rotation and were able to better cycle their Golem and supporting troops. Soking and Cuchii did their best to defend but were unable to take the initiative and ended up losing one of their towers.

The second game was very different. Tam Queso played two Golems, which approached slowly and through the same lane to almost destroy a tower in the first offensive. That was enough for them, they focused on forcing their opponents to play defensively to protect the other tower and ended up tying the set.

The third game was tense and was decided in a mere moment. In the first offensive both our Golem and the opponent’s reached the towers, a minute and a half into the game both teams had their towers hanging by a thread with only 300 hitpoints. They would remain that way until the final seconds.

They then moved on to focus on the other lane, where Allegiance got the better of our players and dealt tons of damage to Soking’s and Cuchii’s tower. The French players seemed to have the advantage, but when the overtime started, they forgot that the towers were within range of the spells. Team Queso did not miss the chance, they destroyed that first tower in time with Poison, Zap and The Log. First set for Team Queso to the disbelief of the rivals.

Beniju, getting warmed up

It was the Basque’s turn to play and, with good foresight, the opponent banned the Princess. Without being able to use his beloved ‘Log bait’, he switched to ‘Bridge spam’ with Battle Ram. His opponent was Doberman, unbeaten until now in 1v1 and with a Tombstone to counter Beniju’s Battle Ram.

It was a great game, with offensives coming from both lanes forcing complicated defences and dealing damage little by little. Beniju managed to damage the tower with his Royal Ghost and Magic Archer. When both players had their towers within range of spells, Doberman was faster and got the first point.

The second game was easier for the French with ‘Lavaloon’ and Valkyrie to defend against Beniju’s Graveyard.

King of the Hill and revenge

For the second time Team Queso was forced to play the third set and Saint Belikin was the first to play and get a point. He beat Loupanji with Battle Ram and P.E.K.K.A. but got defeated later against Doberman, invincible in 1v1.

Or maybe not. Beniju jumped back into battle motivated and played wonderfully. Now he was able to play his ‘Log Bait’ and defeated Doberman thus ending his winning streak and putting Team Queso with a favourable 2-1 score. Match point for Team Queso and Soking was waiting at the ready just in case but it wouldn’t be necessary as Beniju destroyed his rival Donkey Kong mercilessly, this time with Hog Rider.

Four victories and zero defeats so far, Team Queso rules the CRL. As always, great work of Mad Raider and Termisfa and the players; Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Beniju, Saint Belikin and Anthony. The next rival will be SK Gaming, on Tuesday at 22.00 CET+1. We’ll be waiting for you!