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Team Queso achieved two victories this week against Team Dignitas and Team Liquid, practically securing the first place in the league

With two matches to go until the end of the Clash Royale League group stage, only a disaster would prevent Termisfa’s and Mad Raider’s team from finishing in first position. Having a two-victory advantage, Team Queso would have to lose the two remaining matches and the closest teams would have to win all their matches.

Our players had to play two matches this week. The first one on Thursday against Team Dignitas and the second one on Saturday against Team Liquid, both teams running out of options to reach the play-off and neither of the two matches was easy.

V Dignitas

Cuchii Cuu and Anthony went back to play the 2v2, and once again won their two games with ease. First with Royal Hogs and then with Lavaloon, they destroyed the opponent’s towers and won the first set for Team Queso.

Saint Belikin tried to finish the match in the second set but was unable to defeat Juanka, he won the first game and then lost the following two. Visibly upset, he went to the bench to get ready for the King of the Hill.

Soking’s sweep

The player from Cádiz was the first to jump into battle and made any other preparation unnecessary as he defeated the three players from Dignitas, one after the other, even with some lag. First, he used Royal Hogs against iAmJP, then Graveyard against MaxLaMenace, and finally a Log bait with Hog Rider v Juanka. A fantastic Soking, who gave Team Queso its 9th point.

V Liquid

Things got even better after our victory over Team Liquid. With the match of the first leg still fresh in the memory, our players were eager to claim revenge. This eagerness was noticeable in every gesture and celebration during the match.

Beniju and Saint Belikin played first the 2v2 against Boeufmac and DiegoB. They did a great job, focused and slowly overcoming their rivals. First, they used a Miner deck and then Royal Hogs to win the set 2-0, handing over the baton to Soking in the 1v1.

Soking v Surgical Goblin

One of the most anticipated CRL clashes, we finally had the opportunity to see two of the most renowned players face to face and they did not disappoint. They played three thrilling games, lots of great plays and with Soking claiming victory, he was over the moon.

The first game was complicated as Surgical used a deck with Giant and Sparky, and Soking did not have any reset cards like the Zap. He managed to stop the Sparky by using defensive Graveyards and, with patience, was able to find the opportunity to go on the offensive and win the game.

He blew off some steam after such a taxing game with a ‘Let’s go!’ battle cry and for the second set chose a Golem deck. However, this time the rival’s Graveyard and a somewhat fortunate Tornado tipped the scales for Surgical.

In the third game, with the nerves on edge, Soking used a Log bait deck and Surgical, playing with Lavaloon, did not have a proper answer to the Goblin Barrel. It was easier than expected but we don’t really care because it finished the match against Team Liquid and gave us victory.

Our players were absolutely ecstatic, they wanted to beat Liquid and with this victory Team Queso stands now at 10 points.

First position almost secured

With two matches to go, Team Queso should have an easy time keeping the first position in the Clash Royale League for the playoffs. Team Queso would have to lose the two remaining matches and the closest teams (G2 and Allegiance) would have to win all their matches, without losing too many sets for a possible tiebreaker.

Great work from Termisfa, Mad Raider and the boys Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Anthony, Saint Belikin and Beniju. Thanks to all of you out there who support us every day, and as you know, there is always a next fixture for Team Queso, it will be on Thursday at 21:00 CEST vs SK Gaming. See you then!