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Surgical Goblin gave a grand finale to our players’ participation in the Spring Finals of the Clash Royale Crown Championship. Surgical claimed the spring champion title in Europe, whereas Adrián Piedra and Anthony finished in second and fourth position respectively in LATAM.

These results, alongside Colton’s victory at the Gamergy Masters, do nothing but reaffirm the tremendous talent of our players and the excellent work done by Team Queso’s staff every day. Congratulations!

Crown Championship Spring Finals (EU)

Surgical Goblin began his participation in these spring finals playing directly in the second round, after having been first in the previous Robin phase. He had to face Berin, who had already defeated Royal, sending him to the losers bracket.

The competition started with both players playing cautiously in the first round, using conservative decks and without showing their trump cards. Berin was supposed to be one of the toughest rivals for Surgical since he was one of the few players who had managed to defeat him previously. However, Surgical was totally unfazed and surprised us all by using a deck with a Mirror, a card that was no longer used competitively. Berin could not believe his own eyes and ended up being defeated 2-0.

During the third round, Surgical Goblin faced the French player Donkey Kong. The Dutch player started losing with a very unfavourable match up, Graveyard cycle against Three Musketeers with Heal. Not much to say. Things were looking ugly for Surgical again during the second game, as the Giant Skeleton and Graveyard deck of the French player countered Surgical’s Three Musketeers. Our player asserted his mastery of the game, he ignored the Musketeers and ended up taking the game with a spawn of troops and Heal at the end. Superb. In the third game, the French player was going to use the same deck and Surgical surprised us again with a Hog Rider cycle deck. Once again, it was a complicated match up for the Dutch player, who ended up taking the qualifying round with a succession of defences and attacks that the French player was unable to stop. Surgical showed once again his mastery of the whole deck and his ability to read the game to win this qualifying round and move to the grand finale.

Nemsensei awaited him in the grand finale after defeating Donkey Kong in the finals of the losers bracket. Nemsensei started the final with a handicap, the tournament was organised in such a way that the players had to play three best-of-five series and Surgical Goblin had the advantage of having reached the finals through the winners bracket Therefore, the French player had to win two games to be crowned champion. The first game started on Surgical’s favour, surprising again with a somewhat risky Balloon cycle deck. However, when it seemed that the match was already decided, a disconnection happened and the game had to be repeated. During the rematch the surprise factor was non-existent. Nemsensei wielded his “undefeated” Giant deck and managed to beatSurgical 3-0, who was probably still “mentally affected” by the previous disconnection. The finals began again and when we all thought that Surgical might be tilted, he did something absolutely incredible; he copied and adapted Nemsensei’s unbeatable deck and ended up defeating him 3-1, thus taking the title of champion of Europe’s Crown Championship Spring and the $15,000 prizepool.

Crown Championship Spring Finals (LATAM)

The spring finals in the Latin American zone began somewhat oddly, only four of the six players were going to play. XXDarkshadowwXX and King Joao were absent in the face-to-face finals, so Atchiin went directly to the final of the winners bracket.

Anthony made his début in the first round against XPedro15. The Venezuelan player got the first point with his Graveyard deck and the Mexican evened the score with the X-Bow. During the turning point game, Anthony’s choice of Graveyard with Collector proved to be incorrect and he was unable to stop XPedro15’s powerful attack with his PEKKA, Battle Ram and Bandit. The Mexican player went to the losers bracket to await his next rival.

Adrián Piedra awaited XPedro15 in the second round, after having been the best in the Robin phase. However, Adrián was extremely unlucky when choosing his decks (Lavaloon against Three Musketeers with Heal and Log bait against Graveyard-Poison) so he was defeated by the Venezuelan player and was forced to play against his team-member Anthony to determine who would remain in the competition.

Anthony managed to win the first round with the Vietnam’s Inferno Dragon, Battle Ram and Bandit deck against Adrián’s different version of the deck with PEKKA and Collector. Adrián used the same deck in the second game and managed to even the score. During in the decisive game, Anthony’s Vietnam deck could not deal with Adrián’s Giant, Graveyard and Minions deck. Both players melted into a hug after the game, proving that they are both rivals and friends at the same time.

Adrián Piedra faced once again XPedro15 in the final of the losers bracket. However, this time he nailed his deck choices and won 2-1, passing to the final where the Brazilian Atchiin was waiting.

They were going to compete in the grand finale, Adrián Piedra, possibly the best Latin American player, against Atchiin, perhaps the less known one of this Crown Championship. But the Brazilian player proved to be an excellent player, and performed with an almost perfect technique. Atchiin had the upper hand as he had reached the finals through the winners bracket. Still, he gave Adrián no quarter and ended up winning the set 3-1, thus being crowned spring champion of LATAM. Adrián Piedra ended up being second and was rewarded with $10,000 and Anthony fourth with $5,000. Congratulations!

Crown Championship Spring Finals (NA)

The spring final of the Crown Championship in North American had two clear protagonists, CmCHugh and Oxalate, who would play against each other in the final of the winners bracket, and again in the grand finale. In both clashes, Oxalate emerged victorious against the “all-powerful” CmCHugh, whom everyone though was favoured to win the title. Oxalate surprised everyone by being victorious in one of the most difficult brackets of the Crown Championship.