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Once again, Surgical Goblin has proven how great of a player he is. It is not surprising that the community considers him to be the most fearsome player in the European competitive scene, since it appears that he can’t stop winning tournaments.

The hegemony of the Dutch player keeps growing after emerging victorious last weekend in the Gamepolis tournament (Málaga, Spain). Surgical got the better of his opponents and managed to clearly beat Destructor 3-0 in the final. The Dutch finished the last 6 qualifiers with a positive balance of 18 wins and 2 losses. Having seeing the way he plays and his results, he makes i-t seem so easy.

Team Queso got a valuable double victory in the Gamepolis as Cuchii Cuu managed to place third, proving that he is also in a fantastic shape. The Spaniard has been reaping great success over the past tournaments, always placing amongst the top players. Let’s hope that he can keep up with his winning streak throughout the upcoming competitions.

The broadcast of the Gamepolis tournament was marked by technical difficulties and we could only enjoy the casting of the finals on Sunday. A final phase structured following a Best-Of-Five double-elimination format and with each player having the possibility of globally banning. We believe that this format makes for a better competition and makes it more entertaining to watch. And that’s exactly what happened. The players didn’t let the audience down and brought many innovative decks.

It’s worth highlighting the performance of Destructor, who placed second and had a very solid performance throughout the competition. The K1ck player was one of the most innovative players with his decks, surprising us all with a combination of Golem, two Witches and Heal. He managed to defeat Xerezano, who also performed really well in his first face-to-face tournament, using this unusual deck.

A special mention goes to the Kiwi Gaming player, Juan RR. A player mostly unknown by the community but who managed to reach the semifinals of the winners bracket. Juan stood out thanks to his mastery of the PEKKA-Graveyard and managed to surprise his rivals with rarely seen but effective decks such as Furnace-Goblin Barrel-Mirror.

The Three Musketeers card was the main protagonist in this Gamepolis, as it’s usual in this “meta”, but also the one that suffered the most due to the banning system. The players strove to get the best possible match-up during their games, trying to find the counter for their rival’s deck. This allowed us to behold some mind games and funny BM, especially in the final, that the viewers certainly loved

After this double victory at the Gamepolis we keep up with our winning streak and we are confident that a competitive summer full of success awaits us. Congratulations to our players!