Surgical Goblin, one year of victories

Surgical Goblin, one year of victories

Surgical Goblin, one year of victories

A little over a year ago, back in October 2016, Surgical Goblin played his first Clash Royale face-to-face tournament, the ESWC Paris Games Week. On that occasion, he placed second behind the Asian player Ming. A by no means negligible second place, taking into account that it was his first live event. Since then, Surgical Goblin has won absolutely all the events he has attended, the ESWC Gamescom, the CCGS Spring Season, the Gamepolis, the ESWC Winter, among others.

The last title to join his track record has been the ESWC PGW 2017, a tournament full of world-renowned stars where the Dutch player has once again prevailed with the skill that characterizes him. With this victory, he closes an outstanding year, after winning every tournament in which he played. It feels as if there is currently no player that can beat him.

In addition to the champion, Surgical Goblin, 5 more Team Queso players took part in this ESWC in Paris: Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Coltonw83, Islaw and Nitram from Arena Quesito.



Soking started the group stage on Day 1 with a lot of problems. With a balance of 1 victory and 3 losses, he needed to win his last match against MegaBabou and wait for the results of the match between Gotheo78 and Nitram. The player from Cádiz managed to qualify for the playoffs thanks to his victory and Nitram’s 3-0 respectively. A very tough qualification as fourth of the group and he had to make a comeback from the losers bracket, he had no margin for error.

Soking ended up being TOP 8 of the tournament after defeating ImKevin, Tobi SpiritHawk, hzq8382785 and Xiake, losing only 3 games in 4 matches, but finally fell 2-3 against Inttox, the bête noire of our players in this tournament. Soking had several setbacks in this last match, but after an agonising Day 1, being TOP 8 and taking the corresponding €250 is a worthy result for our quiff.

Cuchii Cuu and Coltonw83 shared a group in the first stage with two players from Giants Gaming, zTeemper and tugazinho. Cuchii Cuu only lost against zTeemper and got his place for the winners bracket as second of the group. Colton went to the losers bracket after finishing third.

During the playoffs, things didn’t go well for Cuchii, falling in the first round 3-2 against Doberman. Doberman, who finished third in the tournament, was without a doubt the revelation player of the tournament. Our Balearic player went back to the losers bracket, this time against hzq8382785. A great tournament start for Cuchii Cuu and an unlucky start of the second day.

Coltonw83 started the playoff with some easy victories against Ener and Oxalate, the NA CCGS spring champion, but he bumped into the French Inttox who surprised and defeated him 3-0, thus kicking him out of the tournament since he didn’t have the second chance that players that in the winners bracket have.


Islaw, in the meantime, placed second in a group full of European players from the CCGS, such as Berin, Donkey Kong and Islaw himself. With those 12 points, the French player achieved the goal that everyone was aiming for during the first day of competition, the winners bracket.

However, bad luck made it so that he had to face off against Surgical Goblin, who defeated him 3-0, after beating Matt_01. And again, the French player Inttox, who defeated Islaw 2-3, crossed paths with our players. A good tournament for the French player, very close to the Top 8.

Finally, the Argentine player from Arena Quesito amazed everyone with an almost perfect performance during the group stage. Nitram qualified first with 12 points, in a group where besides Soking, there were players like Loupanji and MegaBabou.

Despite an inspiring first stage, the lack of face-to-face experience may have taken its toll on Nitram, being defeated in the first round against Electr1fy, a more experienced rival, and in the losers bracket against Inttox.

The young Argentine looks forward to joining the competitive scene and a great future awaits him.



Surgical Goblin gave no respite to his group and won his 5 matches losing only 2 games out of the 17 he played. All signs pointed that that the performance of the Dutch player in this ESWC was not going to be very different from his previous victories. And that was indeed the case.

In the winners bracket he was defeating and sending his rivals to the losers bracket with the resolve that characterizes him. Slayer, Islaw and Azilys fell against Surgical 3-0, 3-0 and 3-1 respectively.

In the final of the winners bracket he faced off against the revelation player of the tournament, Doberman. The French player was well prepared and put Surgical up against the ropes at the start of the qualifying round. Doberman was familiar with the deck that Surgical mastered and had practically used throughout the tournament, the log bait, and managed to get a 2-1 score with anti-log bait decks such as Golem with Poison and The Log, and X-Bow with Elixir Collector. Surgical knew that he could not use the same deck again and changed to his second favourite deck with the Three Musketeers, Minion Horde and Miner, managing to make a comeback, getting 3 crowns in both games and passing to the Grand Final.



The French player Azilys qualified for the final after beating his compatriot Doberman in the final of the Losers Bracket. Azilys had to win two sets to Surgical Goblin if he wanted to be crowned champion, since the Dutch player had qualified for the final undefeated through the winners bracket.

It was now, during the grand final, when Surgical Goblin brought us new decks. The Dutch player took the first point with a Tornado and X-Bow deck against Azylis’ PEKKA with Graveyard deck. A complicated match up to say the least. The French player managed to even the score in a duel of Golems, but Surgical Goblin was going to tip the balance in his favour with the deck that had given him such good results during the tournament, the Three Musketeers, thus taking the last two points even against decks that countered his like Mega Knight and Fireball.

Set and tournament for the Dutch player who swelled his earnings in 2017 by €7,000 thanks to his first place. Azilys, who placed second, pocketed €3,500 and Doberman, who placed third, earned €2,000. Berin, who earned €1,000; InTToX and zTeemper, with €500; and Soking and Matt_01, with €250 each took the remaining prize pool.




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