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Support Mariodela at Dreamhack Summer

After the good results of the latest tournament held in Austin, the representative of Team Queso arrives full of confidence and with great enthusiasm to a new event of the Hearthstone competitive circuit

Still haven’t tried Hearthstone? That may change with Mariodela, who will compete in Sweden in another event of the Dreamhack circuit on Saturday the 16th of June. Alongside the best in the world, our player not only plays to win the tournament, but to continue to accumulate HTC points for the World Championship.

Mariodela is confident after his great performance in the previous event, in Austin, also from the Dreamhack circuit. He almost made it to the top 16, which gives access to the final brackets.

The competition consists of 9 rounds in Swiss format, after which the top 16 finishers compete in the round of 16. It usually takes a 7-2 balance to reach the top 16, and that’s precisely what Mario is aiming for after almost achieving it two weeks ago.

He gave his all in the last match against Apxvoid when he was 6-2, and after an intense fight he lost and couldn’t participate in the top 16 elimination rounds. However, an overall 6-3 placed him among the top 32 and therefore he earned 4 HTC points.

For this tournament, Mario is convinced that he will place among the top 16 and compete for first place, and for this reason he has an extremely well thought and optimised line-up:


Join Team Queso and Mariodela and support him this weekend starting Saturday the 16th of June at 11am. Between his skill and your support, the top is guaranteed. Let’s go, Mario!

Saturday the 16th of June

11:00 Preshow

11:15 Round #1

13:15 Round #2

15:15 Round #3

17:15 Round #4

19:15 Round #5

Sunday the 17th of June

11:00 Preshow

11:15 Round #6

13:15 Round #7

15:15 Round #8

17:15 Round #9

19:30 TOP16 #1

20:45 TOP16 #2

Monday the 18th of June

10:00 Preshow

10:15 RO8 #1

11:45 RO8 #2

13:15 RO8 #3

14:45 RO8 #4

16:15 RO4 #1

17:45 RO4 #2

19:15 Grand Final