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The competition has already started in Los Angeles and we have secured our first victory after decisively defeating Misfits

Last Tuesday saw the start of the CRL Europe and Team Queso has got rid of the pressure, the nerves and the thirst for competition all at once. Starting a tournament like this is much more difficult than it looks, and our players have been up to the task and have won decisively the first match, making it clear that they have come to Los Angeles to win.

All the preparation, all the work, all the time spent training, all the nerves, all the doubts, all the enthusiasm, all the hype…. It was time to transform all that into a few minutes on stage before the eyes of everyone, and the players from Team Queso didn’t disappoint and jumped into battle with aplomb and showed that they are among the best.

As you probably already know, each match is divided into three sets, the first set being a best-of-three 2v2, the second also a best-of-three 1v1, and the third one a King of the hill.

First set, 2v2

And then the time came, when giving advice or talking would make no difference. Beniju and Saint Belikin were the first ones to jump into the arena to play the 2v2 set. On the part of Misfits, Regge and Peppe would be our opponents, and soon we saw the type of decks that were going to be used in this format in which the lanes are overcrowded, and many troops are played at the same time. Golems, Lava Hounds, Clones, area of effect spells like the Giant Snowball….whereas more common cards like the Goblin Barrel don’t see much play.

Thus, with the Golem as the main threat, Beni and Belikin managed to win the first game after dominating the trades from the beginning and managing to slip in a Lumberjack behind our rocky friend who was able to strike a few blows that left the tower with less than 1000 hitpoints before the double elixir. The importance of winning the first game in a tournament like this cannot be stressed enough.

However, the second game went far worse for our players, as they could not counter a well-planned assault with a Golem and Rages and Clones, that brought down the Princess’ tower and the King’s tower in a matter of seconds. Being tied 1-1, the third game would decide everything, and Beniju and Saint Belikin tried a different deck.

The Giant Skeleton does not do much damage but the bomb it leaves behind when it dies can foil any attack, and with a very clear plan, our players were able to defend and surprise their opponents with 2 Freeze-Graveyard combos to destroy the tower. Point and first set for Team Queso.

Soking in the 1v1

The player from Cádiz has been well aware of this date for a long time and demonstrated it in his game against ThatOneGuy. Team Queso banned the Valkyrie, Misfits the Inferno Dragon, the game was a succession of attacks by the opponent that Soking was able to foil over and over again with P.E.K.K.A., Zappies and Electro Wizard. After 3 minutes of defending, he used his victory condition for the first time and took a good portion of his opponent’s tower hitpoints, the Battle Ram hit and then with Fireballs and a dash from the Bandit was able to demolish the tower.

The second game was a show of pure concentration and knowing what to do at all times. It’s in games like these where you can see the real skill of the players and the work behind it all, which in the case of Team Queso and Soking words are not enough to describe it.

ThatOneGuy played the X-Bow, and Soking defended himself successfully from all his opponent’s attempts with a know-how within reach of few and with a frightening composure. Little by little he was chipping away the two rival towers, and when he allowed a X-Bow to deal some damage, it was because he had the Fireball and Zap cycle ready to finish off his opponent.

The CRL has been set in motion

Game, set and match for Team Queso who won the match 2-0 without having to play the third set. Great work, the competition has already started and with this victory Termisfa’s and Mad Raider’s pupils are ready for the next one, which will take place next Saturday at 19:00 CET.

Cuchii Cuu and Anthony, both present in the booth, couldn’t participate because the third set didn’t take place, but we’ll see them in the next matches because they’re as ready as the others and now, if possible, even more eager.

Other results

The other match of CRL Europe that took place that day was the Team Liquid v Fnatic match, who ended up with the former emerging victorious 2-0 as well, so we haven’t been able to see a King of the Hill so far. The favourite teams are doing at the moment a good job in the competition…

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