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The Youtuber dedicated to Brawl Stars and other mobile games has become a member of the Cheese family


Manuel Fernández Asua, better known as Spiuk, has just become part of Team Queso as new Content Creator for Brawl Stars. He is from Cantabria and is 34 years old, at the moment his CC activity is dedicated to Brawl Stars, the Supercell game.


He has been active on Youtube for 3 years, where he has more than 740.000 subscribers and averages 150.000 views on each video. He is the top reference in the Spanish speaking Brawl Stars community, there was no way he was not going to end up at Team Queso.


“I am very happy to come to Team Queso, I think it is a reference in content creation for mobile games and I am proud to be part of the team”, says the Youtuber.


With Spiuk’s arrival, the club shows its intentions of reaching the Brawl Stars community even though there isn’t a roster at the moment, but it will be through content of the best quality, and now with Spiuk’s know-how, it will be better than ever. 


Spiuk will be live on Twitch tonight as you read this, so now you know where the best Brawl Stars is.


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