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After two years of many titles and adventures together, Soking and Team Queso part ways.


It’s not a joke. Jesús Varela Ruiz, better known as Soking, is no longer part of our family. You will no longer see him dressed in blue nor set foot on stage alongside Cuchii Cuu and Beniju.


It is well known that last January Soking posted that he was listening to offers from other clubs, and when he found one suitable, Team Queso was open to negotiate despite having a contract in force and counting on him for the CRL. Both parties being in agreement, Soking will no longer be a Team Queso player as of today.


Soking was born and raised as a player in Team Queso, he is one of the original members of the club that came from the clan Royale con Queso. All of you have seen him evolve as a player and how he went from nothing to be one of the best and compete around the world, winning titles such as the CRL Europe in Los Angeles and participating in the World Cup in Tokyo.


At the moment, the members of the CRL team are Beniju and Cuchii Cuu who eagerly await their new team-mates. You can rest assured that the end result is going to be a team that aspires to win everything.


Team Queso wants to thank Soking for the time dedicated to the club and wishes him good luck in his next adventures.


Good bye!


#Queso Proud.