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The fourth phase of the millionaire tournament organised by Supercell, the Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series, has begun. After an exciting spring edition and two massive qualifying phases, we have reached the Phase 4 where the top ten players from each zone will face off against each other for nine long weeks to determine which will be the six players that will play the finals to be held in late autumn. Representing Team Queso we have Surgical GoblinSokingBerinIslawAdrián PiedraAnthony and Coltonw83 who will try to get there.

Format of the competition

10 players, 9 weeks, 18 matches. This is what awaits us in this Phase 4 of the CCGS, with a new addition, the possibility of global banning for each BO3 match. In short, each player will face their 9 opponents twice, in a total of 18 matches to determine which 6 players out of the 10 contestants in each zone will move to Phase 5. In the ROW zone (Rest of the World) the format is slightly different since there are 12 players instead of 10.

Recap of the first 2 days


The first day of the competition left Surgical Goblin in an enviable position, completely dominating their rivals and placing undefeated with a 3-0 at the top of the leaderboard. Soking finished the day in fourth position, with a positive balance of 2-1, close to the first positions. Islaw, who had only played two matches, placed at the half of the table with a 1-1 and Berin, less fortunate, finished below the French with a loss and two victories.

But, as we said before, this is going to be a very long phase and only the one who keeps the head cool and the nerves at bay is going to be among the best in the end.

Surgical Goblin started off the second day on the wrong foot and got defeated 2-1 for the first time against Loay. Shortly afterwards he faced his friend and team-mate Soking in one of the most anticipated matches of the day. After a ban of the Elite Barbarians agreed by both sides, the player from Cádiz managed to get the better of the Dutch player after so many clashes between them. The “guy with the greatest hair on this side of the pond” played with a Golem and Mega Knight deck that Surgical’s X-BOW was unable to stop. The champion of Europe managed to redeem himself after easily defeating $Tin$ 2-0 with a Logbait.

Soking avenged his team-mate and defeated Loay in his last match of the day with a spectacular use of the Hog Rider, finishing the second day in first position and demonstrating that nowadays he is the best Spanish player.

Tied with Soking with a 4-1 balance, Islaw, who is also in a fantastic shape, finished in second place. The French player won all three matches of the day and recovered several positions compared to the first day.

Berin, on the other hand, was unable to win either of his two matches, being defeated against Loay and Islaw and finishing the day in ninth position with a dangerous balance of 1 victory and 4 losses.

It comes as a surprise that the talented French player Nemsensei has yet win a single match, and is placed last with a 0-5 balance. We hope to see him coming back in the next days, as well as a Surgical Goblin hungering to regain his throne.


The second day in LATAM began with a fantastic Mexican match between Adrián Piedra, who led the table after the first day, and his captain Pompeyo. The “pelón” emerged victorious 2-0 with relative ease, as he came prepared to face the Balloon cycles of his team-mate, putting him against the ropes and soured the start of the competition.

In the second match of the day, Anthony, who had not been able to play during the first day due to personal problems, stepped in. Our boxer was going to face off against the Colombian “Osledy” Chacón, who had achieved one victory last week and managed to surprise the Mexican player with an exquisite use of the Logbait, winning the match 2-0.

Pompeyo and Mr. Saúl competed for the last place of the table in a new Mexican duel. Both had a negative 0-3 balance and could not afford to continue that losing streak. Pompeyo got the machinery up and running and managed to earn his first point.

Fourth match of the day, this time a duel between Mexican Team Queso players. Adrián Piedra against Anthony. Undoubtedly one of the most entertaining matches for the audience due to the show that both players put. Mexican hats, jokes and laughter between them, with Clash Royale at the highest level. Adrián earned the first point of the BO3, however, Anthony who is known for his beatdown game style, surprised the “pelón” with a GiantPEKKA and Graveyard deck, tying out the match. In the end, Anthony got the last decisive point with a heavy giant deck, thus winning the match. The first victory of the competition for Anthony and the first defeat for Adrián Piedra. The Mexican boxer managed to defeat and get his second victory in the table against Mr. Saul, who wasn’t having a good day.

King Joao had been the player with the most matches played during the first day, with a balance of 2-2, and he still had to play two matches against our players Anthony and Adrián. The Brazilian managed to defeat both players, thus making things a bit more difficult for our Latin American players and securing the first position of the table with a 4-2 balance.

The fourth position went for Adrián Piedra with a 3-2 balance and the sixth for Anthony with two victories and two defeats. The spring champion, Atchiin, remains between the two Mexicans after having played six matches. It is worth highlight the performance of “Osledy” Chacón who is placed second, undefeated for the time being, waiting to see what will happen these next few days.

North America

The competition in North America is the closest one and the state of the table after the second day proves it. A single victory marks the difference between the second and the ninth ranked players. Only the leader, Oxalate with a 5-1, and the last player, BersteinCat with a 0-5, distance themselves from the main group. It is true that a couple of details during the matches would have completely changed this classification, but Clash Royale is like this, especially at this level of competition.

During the first day, Jmonte remained as sole leader of the table and some players like CmCHugh left without a single victory. But all this was going to change on the second day.

Oxalate, after winning his first match of the day against Wings, faced off against the leader Jmonte. The spring champion managed to emerge victorious with ease using his Lavaloon twice and snatched the first position from Jmonte.

It was Coltonw83’s turn to play against TrainerLuis. The American player had a positive 2-1 balance after the first day of the competition and was third on the table. In the first game both played with similar PEKKA control decks, but Colton did not have any units in his deck that could stop the Bandits of his rival. In the second match, once again they used very similar decks, in this case Lavaloon. An error with the Rocket doomed Colton that began the day with a defeat.

After a bad start, Colton had to face off against the leader of the first week, Jmonte. The Californian player chose to play with heavy decks during his three games, after both players banned the PEKKA. Colton gave the best of himself with his Arrows against Jmonte’s Giant with Minions deck and earned the first point. The second match ended in a draw as neither player could penetrate the opponent’s defence. One of the most intense draws that has been seen lately in the competitive scene. Third time’s a charm and Colton emerged victorious with his Giant and Night Witch deck, taking a decisive victory.

The highlight of the day came at the end, the leader and spring champion Oxalate against Colton. After the Miner being banned by the Californian player, Oxalate decided to play with a Golem, Night Witch and Electro Wizard deck, while Colton chose the Hognado with Lightning for the two matches. The excellent performance of the player from Pennsylvania and a couple of errors with the Tornado allowed Oxalate to emerge victorious. A complicated match up for Colton who was forced to use the Lightning defensively.

The games have been so evenly matched that the classification is extremely close, with Colton in sixth place with three victories and three losses.