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The other rivals no longer have any chance, Team Queso’s SLO team is reinforced until the end of the season with Soking.

Were you looking forward to seeing the top player from Cádiz compete again? You won’t have to wait until the CRL begins, starting this weekend, Soking will compete every Sunday in the Superliga Orange, and Vodafone Giants will be his first victim.

Team Queso is right now placed second, although there is a quadruple tie in the first four positions. With 8 matches to go and Soking’s inclusion into the team, everything suggests that Team Queso will be in the June finals at Gamergy.

This Sunday, the 7th of April at 21:00 CEST Team Queso faces Vodafone Giants, ninth in the league table but always a tough rival.

See you in the arena!