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So close, yet so far. Team Queso got defeated in the final of the QLASH League

POSTED BY Juanjo DoubLeJMT 09/05/2018

So close, yet so far. Team Queso got defeated in the final of the QLASH League

Our players gave their all in Treviso but Team Liquid, after their solid performance in a match marked by several winning streaks, ended up emerging victorious

Last weekend team QLASH hosted the final of the homonymous league, which pitted Team Queso against Team Liquid. All predictions had the Dutch team down as favourites, but our players didn’t care, they were even more motivated.

The journey to this final has been, to say the least, difficult. Soking and company have shown their fantastic skills and iron will to surpass themselves when everyone thought Team Queso was dead.

Back in March, ASUS ROG Army relegated our team to the losers bracket on the first day of the league. Left with no margin for error and in a very difficult position, our players made everyone tremble with excitement after epic matches, setting new records and comebacks at the very last moment. And victories. After eliminating Pekkeame Estaa, the hosts Team Qlash, KIFY and finally Asus Rog Army with a comeback and avenging our past defeat, Team Queso sent a message to the world.

Before the eyes of the entire community, the longed-for final began with us being at a disadvantage after reaching the final from the losers bracket, and therefore having to win two matches (four sets in total), while Team Liquid only needed one match to become champions.

We have been giving our all for months, and Beniju began the match with Hog Riders, Lumberjack and Lightning. Across the river, Azilys with Pekka, Poison and Graveyard. Both players were extremely evenly matched, they alternated between Hog Riders’ blows and ‘Larries’ scratching the tower, and all held their breath at the end when the French player’s Log hit half a second before Beni’s when both towers were almost at 1hp.

Benniju sat down feeling bitter and gave way to Arnau, the young Belgian from Team Queso’s youth academy, Arena Quesito. He also failed to beat Azilys, and gave way to Soking, the team’s most theoretically fearsome player.

Anecdote of the day, the game crashed

It wasn’t going to be Soking’s day and everything started in this game against Azilys, when after a minute and a half and with the game under control, his game froze and they had to restart.

Azilys gave a solid performance once again, this time with the Golem and got his third consecutive victory that put Team Liquid with a 3-0 favourable score.

Cuchii Cuu, our most inspired player

The Majorcan player entered the stage calmed and focused, and dethroned Azilys in a highly contested game. A Poison at the very last moment finished the tower as a Hog Rider galloped to deal the lethal blow on the other side of the river. Thus, began Cuchii’s personal winning streak.

He then proceeded to beat Surgical Goblin and MegaBabouu to tie the set at 3. Once again, we were coming back from a disadvantageous position, Cuchii was unstoppable and there was lots to do.

MaxLaMenace turned the scales

The French player entered the game going strong and made the most of the Three Musketeers. Along with the Bandit and the Royal Ghost he ended up flooding both lanes and won the game. Thus, he ended Cuchii’s winning streak and, in the next game, Pou Legion had no chance.

Max destroyed a tower during the first attack of the game and from there it was a walk in the park for the Team Liquid player, who scored the 5-3. The set was a stone’s throw away for them.

Team Queso chose to rescue Soking, hoping he would repeat past deeds. He started doing pretty well, as he eliminated Max in a great game full of attacks and counter-attacks. A Royal Ghost struck the lethal blow so it was Karnage who went on to try to finish the set.

Soking’s resistance would then be short-lived, as a lone Balloon on the other lane caught the player from Cádiz by surprise and destroyed the tower unopposed. There was nothing Soking could do and Team Liquid scored the first set. Even more difficult.

Azilys, decisive

The second set went similarly. Surgical recovered and got a winning streak of three consecutive victories to score the 3-0. Cuchii Cuu once again left his mark by eliminating the Dutch player and then Karnage. From 3-2 to 4-3, when Azilys returned to the stage and finished what he had started.

The French player got another three-victories streak and ended the set with a 6-3 final score. The last point was harder to get because Cuchii Cuu, the player rescued by Team Queso this time, resisted and after exhausting the extra 3 minutes ended in a draw.

In the repetition Cuchii Cuu surprised with his favourite card, the Giant Skeleton and, despite not winning, we all praised his audacity.

It’s been a long, hard and fascinating journey for Termisfa’s pupils in this competition, full of emotions, ups and downs, a lot of work and tension, high level games and facts that will be remembered. We’re here and we’re still fighting.

Congratulations to Team Liquid for their victory and thank you to Team Qlash for organising the League and hosting the finals.