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Samcro, new League of Legends manager

POSTED BY TeamQueso 17/09/2019

Team Queso reorganises its divisions for the next seasons and Samcro takes over the League of Legends division

After spending one season fighting in the Summoner’s Rift, the club is planning its second year and the person in charge of navigating the boat will be Samcro, who becomes the new manager of the League of Legends division in Team Queso, and will also be Head Coach of the team.

Samcro has a great deal of experience in Riot’s game, as well as in the MOBA genre in general. He has been a League of Legends coach in the Superliga Orange for several years and knows the game and its ins and outs, which, together with the time he has spent in the organisation, makes him the perfect person to fill this position. 

Let’s not forget that Samcro has been the coach of the Arena of Valor division in Team Queso since its creation in 2017, he has travelled to China and Australia to compete and has been a participant, along with Navalha and many others of the successes that we have achieved in the game.

Team Queso is very enthusiastic about League of Legends, the club hasn’t stopped working despite the competitive break, and we predict that this season will be very different from last year’s.

Good luck to Samcro in his new role and keep your eyes open for more news!