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SamCro is joining Team Queso

The already former ASUS ROG Army coach joins our organisation as the new Head Coach of the Arena of Valor team.

It is being a frenetic beginning of the year in Team Queso, proof of this are all the commitments that the club is having in just these three months of 2018: competitions, trips, announcements, changes and so on.

One of the badges that the organisation has been proud to wear since its announcement is that of having one of the best Arena of Valor teams at a national level that has already begun to rub shoulders with the most powerful organisations at a European level.

Slowly but surely, we are taking steps to professionalise the entire environment surrounding Team Queso and our next step is the team led by Navalha, current manager of Arena of Valor.

Today we are pleased to announce the incorporation of Enrique ‘SamCro’ Cuerda as the new Head Coach of our Arena of Valor team, with this signing we are looking for a more professional approach to the whole section of this game in Team Queso.

Enrique is no stranger as a coach, professionally he has been in charge of teams such as ASUS ROG Army in League of Legends adding to his track record achievements such as the División de Honor (currently Superliga Orange), being present in the qualifiers for the Challenger Series or a third place in the Superliga.

The new Head Coach of Team Queso wished to share a few words about his recent joining to the organisation:

It is a real honour and it fills me with pride to be part of Team Queso. Personally, it is a dream come true and I will strive to return the trust placed in me by achieving results and successes.

I have a team that any coach would dream of having and I completely trust them. We all share the same illusion and we’re going to work our fingers to the bone to put Team Queso where it deserves to be.

We have also taken the opportunity to ask about the different things he has noticed between training a League of Legends team and working with Arena of Valor:

I currently see little difference between coaching a LoL or AoV team. The mobile game is much more dynamic and, in my opinion, the mechanics and strategies are very similar: there is practically no difference.

Because of this, the jump from one to another has been very easy for me. What’s more, thanks to my previous experience, I think I can provide the methodology and unique tools for the team and its development in the competitive scene. With this and everyone’s work, I am confident that we will have positive results and the evolution of the team will be spectacular.

Welcome to the family!