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The English Clash Royale player, considered one of the best in the world, will not be in Team Queso next season.

That’s right, the new year keeps bringing more news. Saint Belikin will not renew his contract with Team Queso and therefore will terminate his relationship with the club and will not participate in the next CRL.

Daniel Rean, 16 years old, has been with Team Queso since August 2017, when he joined the team and began competing in on-line leagues like the RPL Europe. After lots of training and hard work, when he was old enough, he proved to be good enough to play in the SLO, and from there he went on to the CRL Europe.

It is well known that Team Queso was the winner of the CRL Europe and the English player had a fantastic performance throughout the tournament, ranking among the Top 10 players with the best Win Rate of the competition. This triumph gave Saint Belikin the opportunity to compete in the world finals in Tokyo along with the rest of his team-mates.

In addition, as a member of Team Queso he also claimed the trophies of the CTP 2018 and the individual Open of Gamepolis 2018.

Fuyur, Team Queso’s manager of Clash Royale knows him very well: ‘He’s one of the most talented individual players in the game and for many the best strategist as far as 2v2 is concerned. We are sad about his departure but proud to have been able to count on him for the last 18 months. Thank you, Beli’.

Team Queso wishes Saint Belikin best of luck in his future endeavours. Thank you, Dan!