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Rubén García González is already well known in the community and besides wishing him happy birthday, we would like to welcome him to the Superliga Orange.

Finally, we can begin to enjoy watching Rubén, Rubizalez, play at the highest level in the professional Clash Royale circuit. He has been in Arena Quesito for almost two years and has proven time and time again that he is extremely talented. At the age of 14, when he first joined, he showed what he was capable of and some have counted the days until he turned 16, until today.

Wherever he has been able to compete, in face-to-face opens or online tournaments, he has defeated his opponents mercilessly and despite his young age he has won a multitude of individual titles, including two Gamergy Opens and two Orange Cups also at Gamergy, and collective titles such as RPL Europa, RPL Worlds or CTP, with Arena Quesito.

In addition to this, Rubén has been training with the most veterans of Team Queso for some time. Although he is part of Arena Quesito, he participates in the training sessions of the CRL and SLO players as one of them and everyone agrees that his talents are impressive.

After turning 16, Rubén now has a professional contract and will be able to compete in any league where Team Queso is present. You won’t have to wait much longer to see him in action…

Tremble, Clash Royale.

Happy birthday and welcome!