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Team Queso seeks to boost the creation of Clash Royale-related content with the signing of RevolAimar

Team Queso’s Clash Royale division is one of the best on the planet. World-renowned players who are part of the same family, many sporting successes and reliability throughout the years, and all supported by high-quality content creation. The result is a solid and self-sufficient structure which is now significantly strengthened. 

RevolAimar joins the club to improve both the quality and quantity of Clash Royale-related content in Team Queso. From now on he will be taking an active role in the different platforms of the club, contributing with his knowledge of the game and the competitive scene.

Nestor Aguado, hailing from Valencia (Spain), and better known as RevolAimar, is quite the celebrity in the Clash Royale scene. Since the game’s launch, he has been actively working to promote it, either as caster in competitions like the NoTilt League or the CTP, as manager in ASUS or Qlash, and even creating his own tournaments (CWA Cup or Qlash League 2, among others). These have been broadcast on his YouTube channel, with over 100,000 followers, always featuring the best players in the world and pulling great numbers. 

Now he’s a new member of Team Queso and he’s both excited and grateful: ‘I’m delighted to have been able to join one of the most important eSports organisations. After all the hard work and effort I’ve put in, having this opportunity is almost like a dream come true.

Revol is already at work and tonight he’ll be streaming on Team Queso’s Twitch channel at 23:59 (CEST). You can follow RevolAimar on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube if you aren’t already.

Team Queso wishes to thank Revol for joining us and we feel that great times are ahead of us.