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Reinforcements are coming, BENIJU has arrived

Beñat ‘Beniju’ Juarros Ugarte from ASUS ROG Army will start working under the command of Sergio ‘Termisfa’ Fernández

Winds of change are coming to Team Queso, new players, new challenges, new competitions….

It’s a fact that we’ve lost some great players these days, it’s also a fact that Team Queso is a very young organisation that is starting to grow in every way.

There has been much speculation these days about new additions to our Clash Royale division, we have worked hard to bring reinforcements that live up to our fans’ expectations and for the upcoming competitions.

Many talk about him as one of the young promises in the Clash Royale competitive scene, at just 16 he is already showing great promise and now joins Team Queso aiming to win everything alongside his new team-mates.

Beñat ‘Beniju’ Juarros Ugarte wanted to share a few words about his recent joining to the team:

I am very excited to announce that I will be joining Team Queso, especially since I know how great the players and staff of Team Queso are. It is certainly hard to leave my team-mates from Asus behind, but it is important to move forward and focus on the future. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this incredible opportunity to be part of Team Queso, thank you.

We asked Soking for his opinion regarding Beniju’s signing:

Beniju’s signing will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to Team Queso, such a good player will not only boost our confidence, but also will improve our performance on the arena. I can’t wait to start playing with him, welcome Beniju!

Álvaro ‘Alvaro845’ G. Buitrago, CEO and founder of Team Queso, has shared the following statements on Beniju’s signing:

We could say that Beniju is the piece that was missing to complete Team Queso’s puzzle so everything can work in harmony. Beniju, who was the best Spanish player by win rate in the first edition of the Superliga Orange, will bring a touch of youth, humility and freshness to the team that will take Team Queso to the top. After his transfer from ASUS ROG Army, we can’t wait to start working with Beniju so he can have a smooth process of adaptation.

But wait, there’s more! Beñat ‘Beniju’ Juarros Ugarte will be living in our Gaming House in Madrid to start working with his new team-mates as soon as possible, do you want to see him in action?

There’s still a lot more to announce! Keep an eye on our social media.

Team Queso is just getting started