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Team Queso proudly introduces Reina, the player from Cream, who will now compete with Team Queso for the rest of the season of the Spain Nationals.


Luisa Cano, 22 years old, comes to Team Queso to replace Iluzjonist, who left the club in June, and thus completes the Rainbow Six squad for the remainder of the season. Reina will play alongside Scythe, P4TTO, Nakinak and Therox.


‘I didn’t expect that such a great team with such good results would offer me this opportunity. I’m very happy and I hope to be able to help my team-mates and be up to the expectations’. Reina is already training with the rest of the team and is ready to give her best.


She has been playing Shooters since the age of 7, and Rainbow Six practically from its console release, and then she switched to PC, where she began to enjoy it even more. After so many years playing, her knowledge of the game is extremely high. After several try-outs she has proved to be the best to join the starting team.


Scythe, captain and IGL of the team says: ‘Reina is just the right player we were looking for. Level-headed, she will help us make the team more cohesive and improve our performance as a team’.


In addition to playing and competing, Reina is also a Rainbow Six content creator and streams regularly on Twitch. You can also follow her on Twitter and support Reina and her team-mates.





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