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Team Queso returns to competing after one year and we are proud to announce our new roster for the 2021 season 

The new season of the Rainbow Six: Siege Spain Nationals is about to begin. After a 1-year hiatus, Team Queso will be competing once again in this national competition organised by Cabal Esports. We are readier than ever, and our aim is clear: to win. 

Vicen ‘SNK’ will be at the helm of the division and the roster that will be competing representing Team Queso is made up by UNKNWN1, Rockstar, Rafa, Zora and JASDR1, all of them very well-known within the Spanish Rainbow Six scene. All of them are fantastic players and have plenty of competitive experience. The coach will be Wasabi, he knows the national scene like no other. 

The season kicks off in February and you will be able to watch Team Queso once again competing in one of the most complex and entertaining shooters. 

Let’s not forget that the last time Team Queso took part in this competition, the team was able to reach the playoffs end ended up finishing the season in fifth place. We will try to do even better this time. 

We look forward to your support! 


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