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PUBG Mobile: Team Queso qualifies for Club Open Global Finals in Malaysia

POSTED BY TeamQueso 29/10/2019

Team Queso managed to qualify for the PUBG Mobile Global Finals after placing first in the regional qualifier in South America

This team is unstoppable and after placing seventh in the world finals last July in Berlin during the ‘Spring Split’ of this competition, they are once again ready to face the 16 best teams in the world and be crowned champions. On this occasion the PMCO ‘Fall Split’ finals will be held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) the weekend of the 29th of November to the 1st of December.

Qualifying has not been easy for the team, but they have done an outstanding job, brimming with confidence, which led them to rule the SA regional qualifier.

The first phase of the qualifier took place on Saturday, Team Queso managed to finish the day leading the table after five games, one victory and a clear advantage. On Sunday, it took little time for them to reassert their dominance after emerging victorious in the second game with a total of 15 kills and getting an almost insurmountable advantage.

With a fifth position in the last map, Team Queso confirmed a global victory with a difference of 32 points with RED Canids Kalunga, who came second. The cheeses also ended the tournament as the team with the most eliminations, and were the only team with two chickens for dinner after the ten maps.

Marco, scoring a total of 27 kills, was the MVP of the tournament, which rewarded him with 2,000 dollars. Needless to say, after placing first the team will directly qualify for the Global Finals in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where they will once again face the best in the world.

Gabo, manager of the division, thinks that the team has a chance to win: “After playing the finals in Berlin we said that the name Team Queso would be recognised worldwide within the PUBG Mobile scene and that’s what we aim to do”.

You can watch a recap of the regional finals in this video by Axel, and stay tuned to the team’s social media if you want to see more PUBG Mobile content.

Congratulations to all team members on qualifying and for their fantastic performance. They are Axeel, Mystic, Ayala, Marco, Tate, Dekc and Gabo as manager and let’s not forget about PolloGT and Jack.

See you in Malasya!