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Prisionero has qualified for the Fortnite World Cup!

POSTED BY TeamQueso 15/04/2019

Prisionero will be in the New York finals after achieving a spectacular second position in Europe with 72 points in the first solo qualifier.


Emotion filled the Queso Casa when Prisonero performed impressively during the last game, going all in and having a fantastic late game with four eliminations at the very last second.


Those of you who followed the Team Queso broadcast live were able to see those present at the Gaming House celebrating the achievement. After so much work and so many hours invested in our Fortnite project, our dreams were beginning to come true after seeing how one of our players secured a place next July among the best in the world.


First games


Sunday afternoon went pretty well for Prisio, who finished the first game with a Top 4 and 5 kills. First points and a growing sense of confidence, but things were about to take a turn for the worse. In the following games things didn’t go well for our player from Valencia, who saw how he was only able to achieve a Top 14 in the second game and could not score a single point in the third game, so he was starting to move away from the top positions of the ranking.


The predictions for the fourth game didn’t seem very favourable at first either, as he didn’t have the best of starts, but these crucial moments are what differentiate mere good players from the best. Prisoner didn’t shrink from the challenge and knew how to defend himself and survive until the late game when pure madness was unleashed: Prisionero’s impeccable gameplay allowed him to get rid of any rival that got on his way and ended with a victory royale and a total of 10 kills, which carried him to the Top 6 of Europe at that time.


Turning Point


This fourth game was a morale boost for the Team Queso player who, from that moment on, played much more consistently. A Top 5 and a Top 3 in the following attempts launched him to first place in the table. His advantage on his rivals kept increasing and being able to qualify no longer appeared as an unattainable dream, but he still had to complete the task, and he did indeed.


Prisonero ended up having a perfect game, during which he timed everything masterfully and dominated the late game to end up winning with 5 kills. The end of the game, if you haven’t seen it yet, speaks for itself.


A rush of adrenaline and emotions after an intense weekend in which Prisoner finished second in a first qualifier in which most top players from Europe where competing, and in which our player stood out among the best. Already more relaxed, Prisionero said that he felt ‘very fulfilled and proud of the work’ that he’s being doing these last months and that ‘in the end all this sacrifice has been worthwhile’.

Naranjito almost made it

The other aspirant from the team this weekend was Naranjito, and he came pretty close to the objective reaching 53 points and a very firm 23rd position in Europe. He delivered a great performance and, with another four weeks of solo qualifiers, it is hard to think that Naranjito won’t join Prisionero in New York.


We look forward to seeing you on this Saturday as the duo qualifiers begin!